[ARTWORK] Seraphim Bust Shot 2

Yes, another doodle of Seraphim, where you can finally see her whole hair (for the most part).

Seraphim comes from a family of healers, particularly people who work with “wanderers” – non-Naitmarians who mysteriously stumble onto the planet. They help them integrate with Natimarian society. When she’s not doing this, she’s often making jewelry. She loves to make jewelry from all sorts of things.

In this picture, I wanted to show her with a necklace she was working on. I also wanted to draw her hair in the wind again.

I don’t love this piece as much as I did the last one, but I still really do love it. I love that we can see more of her hair, including her accessory. The white “flower” looking thing on her headband is a starfish.

One of these days, I’ll do a proper illustration of Seraphim. Hopefully soon.

She is most likely going to have some minor tweaks to her outfit, just as many Naitmarians will have. I’ll talk about why in when it’s time for that.

Year Completed: 2017
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint


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