[ARTWORK] Seraphim Bust Sketch

This is literally one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done and it’s not even a fully-finished one!

This is a bust shot of Seraphim, sometimes called Sera, my beach witch character from Naitmaric. She’s one of the most important characters in my stories, as well as one of my strongest. She’s an expert in protection magic, water magic, healing magic, and has a special gift for angel magic, particularly for the angels she’s named after: seraphim. She’s eventually Carwyn’s life partner.

I was trying to establish Seraphim’s colours and design when I was doing this. Her outfit is inspired by vintage bathing suits, so when I was colouring her, I wanted that same sort of feeling with paler colours. Her hair colour is inspired by sandy beaches and her hairstyle with her afro and dreadlocks pulls inspiration from tall 18th century hair (her afro goes up) and octopuses (she has 8 dreadlocks total, plus her afro is shaped in a way to somewhat resemble an octopus).

Her blue eyes are meant to match her clothing and the fact she’s associated with water.

GOODNESS, I love Seraphim! I love everything about her design.

I also love everything about this picture, even if it’s just a sketch that I doodled. I love the tilt of her head, her smile, the way her hair is in the wind, how everything seems to work in harmony…I love it ALL.

Year Completed: 2017
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint


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