[Artwork] Aldister’s Grief

Aldister is a demon who has the ability to kill with a single touch, but loves life. He struggles with questions about why he has such an ability and what good does it do if he doesn’t want to kill? He butts heads all the time with Etheriel, an angel who kills for the fun of it.

This was the winning choice for print artwork out of the three I did for Aldister and I think it’s easy to see why! From Aldister’s solemn expression to the entire composition, it’s a nice picture.

This illustration of Aldister is part of a set with Etheriel – they’re both looking in opposite directions, with different colours. Aldister contains more complementary colours and really reflects his sorrow towards his ability to kill upon touch.

The flower in his hand is wilted from his touch.

Year Completed: 2016
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop CS4


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