[ARTWORK] Victorina Under an Apple Tree

This was the winning illustration for Victorina out of a set of 3. I’m glad that this won, primarily because it best suits this quirky vamp.

Victorina is passionate about three things: vampires, plants (and I suppose fungi for that matter), and apples. Apples are her absolute favourite food, even after becoming a vampire – if you can’t tell, her dress is inspired by red apples.

For this illustration, she is in the backyard of Hadley’s mansion (where she lives) and is collecting apples from a tree she has maintained in the backyard. She gathering them at night, under a waning moon.

I really like this picture overall. It suits Victorina rather well and I think everything looks pretty good. I think the fence could use some work and I would have liked to draw the apple tree better, but otherwise, I’m really happy with the results.

Year Completed: 2015
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Clip Studio Paint


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