[ARTWORK] Fused Self

Another piece of myself, in my Fused form (Creator/Queen), that I never finished and I don’t really remember the concept of!

At least there are some notes to tell me a bit more about the piece, like I made a mistake and drew the hair in such a way that didn’t look like the wind was blowing it.

I drew my arms in opposite directions, kind of to represent some kind of balance, like the ying/yang symbol. I can’t remember if I was going to have a glowing orb with artwork in it or not, similar to the picture I use like…everywhere.

I like how this piece looks, generally speaking. I think it would’ve looked pretty nice coloured.

Year Completed: 2015
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4

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