Month: October 2020

[ARTWORK] Matison Coloured Sketch

Matison is one of the citizens of Naitmaric on the Mainland. She comes from a family of metalworkers, weavers, and seamstresses/tailors. She’s learned from all the different trades, so she’s learned to make herself fashionable outfits and make things out of metal, from jewelry to accessories to anything in between. Oh, and she’s passionate about …

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[ARTWORK] Seraphim Bust Shot 2

Yes, another doodle of Seraphim, where you can finally see her whole hair (for the most part). Seraphim comes from a family of healers, particularly people who work with “wanderers” – non-Naitmarians who mysteriously stumble onto the planet. They help them integrate with Natimarian society. When she’s not doing this, she’s often making jewelry. She …

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[ARTWORK] Seraphim Bust Sketch

This is literally one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done and it’s not even a fully-finished one! This is a bust shot of Seraphim, sometimes called Sera, my beach witch character from Naitmaric. She’s one of the most important characters in my stories, as well as one of my strongest. She’s an expert in …

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[PERSONAL] Predictive Themes in My Rambles Artwork – a Reflection

Before you do anything, please go read the following year summaries: 20142015201620172018 Did you read them? Okay, great! (Or if you didn’t…eh, okay, whatever, your choice.) 2015’s Goal Post’s Queen Side Doodles Reflected That Year If you read the summary, 2014 was pretty dang good. Although things were getting slightly more intense, it was still …

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[ARTWORK] Seamay

I laugh because I really thought another picture of Seamay I did (the first one I did) was going to be the one I used for prints, but as soon as I drew this one, I KNEW that this was the one. Like, I knew-knew it was the one. The composition is lovely. Seamay laying …

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[ARTWORK] Seirian Bust Shot

This is one of three illustrations I did of Seirian. This one lost to Seirian on a Tree. If I had not held a poll, I probably would have gone with this sketch for Seirian’s print. There’s not as much involved, it’s simple and looks great. I think the decision would have been reinforced by …

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