[ARTWORK] Kelly the Dreamer – iPhone Doodle Test

Soooo, I found out that in December 2019, a couple months before I drew this picture, an iPhone version, of all things, of the art program I use came out. (If you don’t know what I use, I use Clip Studio Paint.)

I was excited and intrigued. Clip Studio Paint on the go? On my phone? OH the possibilities! I was curious though if it was going to work on my iPhone 6s. I was happy to find out that it would! I started playing around with it and ultimately decided I wanted a pen to draw with.

I ended up getting a Bamboo Sketch stylus pen so I could draw on my iPhone. I would have honestly opted for the Apple Pencil except it doesn’t work on my iPhone because it’s too old. It took a while to figure out how to get it to work, but eventually it did!

I wanted to see if I could easily recreate my usual style on the computer on the iPhone. As per usual, I used a sketch of Kelly to do this test. I’m ultimately happy with the results! The final results definitely are close enough to how I draw and colour on the computer. I did find the smaller screen more difficult to work with, but not by much. I think it’d work well for quick doodles though, rather than full-blown pieces.

Of course, you’re not here for a review, you’re here for the dang art piece. Except there’s not much to say because, as I said, this was strictly a test. Kelly the Dreamer isn’t doing anything interesting here because of that reason.

Year Completed: 2020
Tools Used: iPhone 6S, Bamboo Sketch Stylus for iOS
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint for iPhone

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