[Artwork] Aizel the Psychopomp

Deathena meets Aizel at some point, since they both are psychopomps. They both deal with death. The main contrast between the two of them being Deathena doesn’t like unnecessary pain and Aizel takes pleasure in it.

In this illustration, Aizel is yanking a soul out of the body…something that actually hurts. Now, the person she’s yanking out is already dead, technically speaking.

I absolutely love, love, LOVE her design! I know her name isn’t Greek, despite that what she’s wearing is inspired by ancient Greece. If I remember correctly, I took inspiration from the word “psychopomp” itself for her looks, since it’s from a Greek word.

I feel like there’s a story behind why she dresses the way she dresses, but I don’t know what it is at the moment. I should know by the time my stories are actually released.

This was one of a handful of sketches I did that were done to help establish the concept for characters that I intended to be a part of my second wave of prints. This is also one of the handful of sketches that inspired my change in line art to my sketch lines.

Year Completed: 2017
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint

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