Month: February 2018

[BUSINESS | WEBSITE] Online Shop in Maintenance Mode

TrainerKelly’s Network: The Official Online Shop will be in Maintenance Mode for an unspecified amount of time. It will reopen upon the release of story content on TrainerKelly’s Network in order to cross-promote. If you are still interested in purchasing items, please contact me (TrainerKelly) at with the subject line of ONLINE SHOP ORDER

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[PERSONAL | BUSINESS] 2018 Goals A.K.A. What I Am Doing in 2018

It’s FINALLY 2018 (…like it has been for weeks, I know) and it is finally time for me to write my 2018 goals! I have been holding off on writing them up for personal reasons (mainly mood). I’m feeling pretty decent today (I can feel the core of me wanting to sing and put a

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[PERSONAL | RAMBLES] RE: 2017 Goals – A Reflection for 2018

Happy New Years, everybody, whenever I am posting this. I’m not quite done with 2017 yet, despite being 2018 now. I think in the past, I reflected on my goals achieved in my end-of-the-year post, but I didn’t this time. I wanted to give attention to them on their own, so I can appreciate what

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