Month: January 2018

[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Project Schedule (Kind Of)

Hello, everyone! How are you today! If you read my last post, I missed my first and second deadline for my comics and then realized I didn’t have to release them quite yet, but rather just keep working on everything else! With that in mind, I want to discuss with you what is going on

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[PERSONAL | MY DAY] 2017 in Review

I tried to log onto this blog via my laptop and couldn’t remember my password! Luckily, I was still logged in on my desktop, so I quickly changed it and was able to log in from my laptop! WHOOT! Fantastic. Okay, let’s start. In previous years, there was something about the whole year that felt

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Hello, everyone! I’m behind on posting updates and blog post, however they are coming! I’m pretty much just waiting for the videos to be completed, but as soon as they are, I’ll get to posting them! What do you have to look forward to, you may be wondering? Another Bite-Sized Update for my Creative Works;

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