[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Bite-Sized Update – Creative Works Version – #1

Hello, lovely peoples! What is UUUUUUP?

Are you guys ready for the first BITE-SIZED UPDATE: Creative Works Version?

This is my new series. My intention is to do these every few weeks to let you know what is going on with my creative works. Ideally, they should keep me active and on track, help all my pages stay active (especially this blog), AND help keep you guys interested and updated! Excited? I am, but you guys probably aren’t.


I don’t know. I’m not you.

Let me know in the comments (either down below or on social media) if you are excited!

These should be relatively short (the videos, at least), but still provide plenty of details. So, let’s get started!


I want to be all like “oh, I haven’t done anything new,” but that is totally a lie! I actually have three new pieces. Two are of myself, while the last one is of Deathena.

The first one I drew was of the Creator side of me:

I had done this piece for a simple ad that I posted on my social media pages. I really, really, really wanted to know what kind of content you guys wanted on my pages while waiting for story content. I want to keep my pages active and let you guys know what is going on, but I also do not want to reveal too much about my characters and stories juuuuuuuust yet.

My husband was the only one who replied back to the question. I’m happy he is paying attention, but I want more suggestions! He had suggested I do manga reviews, which I 110% agree with! I want to do manga reviews a lot, particularly because I want to share with all of you what inspires me. However, I need to dig out and read the manga I want to review first and plan out exactly how I am reviewing manga. Am I reviewing whole series? Partial series? One volume? Multiple volumes? SO MANY IDEAS!

Also, you guys, I am still looking for suggestions, so let me know what you have! What do YOU guys want to see while awaiting my original content? Let me know in the comments, either here or on social media!

The next image I drew was of the Queen side of me:

This image is literally for the same purpose as the Creator side: what content do YOU guys want to see while waiting for the story content to be released?

Heck, this time, I’m pointing at you. Yes, YOU. YOUR opinion is important! You are a part of my audience — what would you like to see?

I know some story content would be super nice, but that does take time. So, in the meantime, what would you like? Again, let me know on social media or the comments below!

The next image is appropriate for this month:

It’s Deathena the Death Fairy on top of a skull! No, she did not cause this person to die. She just enjoys being around dead things, although she prefers peaceful deaths than ones that are not.

I really just wanted to draw Deathena on top of a skull. I thought it would look cool and I love the concept. Okay…and I wanted to just test out how my comic-style tweak is going to look. Which will be more or less like this, except instead of colour, you will see black and white. I’ll talk more about this at another time once I do some more tests.

Comic Scripts

One of the things I have been working on lately are comic scripts. Actually, besides from those illustrations above, they have been the only things I have been working on. I’m not going to reveal the titles of any of them that have not been revealed yet in this post (or in the video), so bare with me.

When I recorded the video, I had two versions of a comic I am going to call SM, a year and a half’s worth of Naitmarish Glimpse comics, and I had started on The Birth of Death, which is the comic version of a short story talking about Deathena.

SM was the first of these comics to be written, back in September. I had the comic in my head for quite a while now and as I started writing it, it took a life of its own and ran off on a tangent. My brain kept shouting “THIS ISN’T WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO GO” and it prompted me to write four different versions. Of course, even as of now, there are only two versions written out of four. I plan on writing two more when I feel like it.

Each version of SM is inching closer to my original vision. I think the 4th one is my original vision. However, once I am done, I will pick the best script and draw it from there. If I can’t decide between the scripts, I may just draw all of them and then pick whichever one feels best to me and release the alternate versions as extras or something. Either way, lots of versions to complete! Whoo!!!

The next one I wrote was Naitmarish Glimpse, the 1-Panel comics exclusive to Instagram and Patreon, with postings on TrainerKelly’s Network at a later date. I managed to write a year and half’s worth of comics for that. I’m contemplating another half a year, but I am not sure yet. I did kind of go off for a bit and started talking about other characters involved in the series, but I ended up going back to the original set of characters I introduced at conventions. I do need to develop and introduce them more, after all!

After that, I worked on The Birth of Death, which is a comic adaption of the short story I wrote for Deathena. I’m going to be doing her stories at least twice — once as a short story and once as a comic. The comic seems like it will be a lot longer though. I think the number of pages in the script is only a few pages short of the Make Me a Model script!

Speaking of doing stories twice…I plan on doing that quite a lot, at least in the beginning. I’m still trying to understand the direction I want my storytelling to go, so in order to experiment, I’m going to retell the same story in a few different formats. Hopefully, I’ll start getting into the flow better and start to know which stories are better told in which media. Also, I’d like to think that telling the stories in multiple formats reaches a wider audience, but that is just me.

As of writing this, I actually have two additional scripts done and started another one, but I’ll talk about those next time.

I did start on the next several panels of Fairy Glimpse, but I decided to hold off on that because I really feel like Deathena’s story needs to be told and I need to understand the fairies and their world a lot more before I continue doing so. I can’t just focus on Fairy Elemental Quartet #9 forever (or I can, but I don’t really want to).

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Shout Outs

Obviously need to shout-out my husband because he edited my video superbly. Thank you so much, honey bee!


  • I drew some artwork;
  • I wrote some comic scripts;
  • I have merchandise you can buy right now;
  • My husband is my video editor and did an awesome job;
  • Have a wonderful day/night, everyone! See you next time!
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