[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Postponement, Fairies’ Day, and 100% Digital


In July, two new comic series were expected to launch: Fairies’ Day and Naitmarians’ Day. However, after contemplating, the series, along with all comics that are currently on hiatus, will resume in September.

The series that will be returning and/or debuting in September 2017 are:

  • *Fairy Glimpse
  • Naitmarish Glimpse
  • Kehllish Gleam (**NEW**)
  • Fairies’ Day (**NEW**)
  • Naitmarians’ Day (**NEW**)

All series may be available on Patreon for your reading pleasure before September, but that is NOT guaranteed!!!

*Currently posting on Instagram; the last one of this run is in mid-August

Keep an eye out for additional updates!

Fairies’ Day Update:

I have been chipping away at Fairies’ Day. I started it…I want to say…two years ago? Or almost then. I started it in 2015. Finally, I have finished sketching it! Although, it is currently waiting to be pencil-lined, which I would do right now, if my hands are not so achy from all the drawing I did today.

I’m pretty pleased to have completed what I did. Flipping through the comics brings me a kind of joy.

Fairies’ Day, believe it or not, is going to be my last “mostly digital” comic. I am moving on to 100% digital. Man, that feels like such a joke to me, but there is a reason behind it!

Going 100% Digital:

I am always looking for ways to speed up my work, while producing quality (of my skill level) works. I recently have been doodling a lot on the computer (if you are looking to see some samples, feel free to pledge to me on Patreon). I noticed a certain amount of freedom that I did not have on paper, which allowed for easier and quicker sketching.

While I was sketching some potential future prints, I realized the technique I was using to change my multicoloured sketch lines to black (i.e. click the “change layer colour” button, oh ho ho ho ho) could be used to create my sketch comics, in ways that would look nicer and “move” more swiftly than the traditionally-drawn sketch comics.

This opens up a world of possibilities for me. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with this in the near future.

It’s not just comics I want to do 100% digitally, but regular artwork as well, in order to speed up the process. I am well aware that my website is lacking of plenty of visual content and could seriously use some to spice up what is being posted.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Talk to you next time!

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