[BUSINESS | PERSONAL] March Conventions – Part 2 – Fubuki Con

As I said in my last post, after both Arisia Con and U-Con @ UConn both being semi-disappointments (not so much to turn me off from them, but enough to make me either want to give feedback or help out), I began to heavily question Fubuki Con. It’s a convention that is over 6 hours away from where I currently live. I went last year, but with my mother’s help. This year, I was funding this all by myself. I needed enough money for food, for gas, and for the hotel. I knew it would be a bit of a burden (in theory). I kept debating, but I knew Michele Knotz was going and just being able to say hello to her in person once again would be awesome. We met once at a friend’s house and I really enjoyed hanging out with her.

For those who don’t know Michele, she currently plays Jessie on Pokémon.

Okay, good, now that I established that, LET US TALK ABOUT FUBUKI CON.

To Fubuki Con!

I’m crazy. I know. I didn’t take Friday off from work just to drive up there. I worked all day Friday and about 4 hours after work, Hurricane and I headed up there. We ate dinner before we left and stopped for some gas and Dunkin’ Donuts along the way (I got a bagel and hash browns). We arrived at around 4 in the morning with only about 3 hours to actual sleep. Hurricane was dead-tired and I was…pretty awake, although I fell asleep pretty easily.

I was pretty happy that this year’s room did not have this extremely uncomfortable painting that we saw last year:

Yes. That is the painting that frightened me last year. Even looking at it through this picture, it makes me feel really uneasy. Ugh. I’m not even sure why. Maybe it’s the blurred shapes? I don’t know.

Anyway, we hopped into bed, I set my alarm, and went to sleep.

I hit my snooze button, presumably again, and was about to go back to sleep because, BOY, was I TIRED. I caught a glimpse at the clock: 7:20.

I shot up.

I was hitting the snooze button like I could actually SNOOZE.

Set-up started at 8, the Alley opened at 9.

I quickly rushed into the shower and assured myself that, hey, it’s actually okay to be late. The convention wasn’t too far away from where we were staying. It was maybe…5 minutes? 10 with street lights? I don’t know, but it was close by.

Hurricane and I were also going to grab sandwiches at a nearby Subway because I wasn’t going to haul up sandwiches for us from 6+ hours away.

After Hurricane and I got all dressed and styled for the convention, we were running later than I had wanted to. I nervously drove to the Subway near the campus (THANK GOODNESS THERE WAS ONE, silly me forgot to check before hand…) through the not-really-sticking snow (yes, there was snow — I already knew this going up; it was going to stop later in the day). I wish I took a picture of the guy making the sandwich because he literally was making the most beautiful sandwich I had ever gotten at Subway. Like, the guy was seriously a Sandwich Artist. It looked like it could be in a photograph, it was so beautiful. Of course, it got ruined by the time we got to the convention…but that’s okay.

We got to the convention, got some help bringing everything in (with lots of FALLING of the items), and began to set up my table.

Two things about the table:

1.) I was RIGHT ACROSS from Michele Knotz!! I don’t think you guys know how excited that made me!

2.) …they gave me two tables when I had asked for one.

Of course, I’m not complaining about two tables.

I saw this as an advantage.

Normally, Hurricane is hidden behind my displays and his business cards occupy a tiny part of my business card display. However, with my extra table, I could let him have a little space to sit and advertise his YouTube, without being hidden by my display.

I laid out his business cards on the table next to me after setting up my table.

I sat down.

This was the first convention this year where I felt like everything ran smoothly. Even though I was not relaxed like I was at Arisia Con, I certainly felt more confident than both conventions from earlier. Even though the snow was slightly concerning, I was confident it wasn’t going to stop and this was a convention that was pretty well liked.

Sales seemed to be pretty consistent throughout the day. A few every hour. People were friendly. They took sampler booklets. I had some additional people sign up for the newsletter. I talked to people from last year who bought some stuff from me this year. I got to talk to Michele Knotz and received the biggest hug from her, perhaps the biggest hug I’ve gotten in a while besides from Hurricane. Hurricane also met not just one, but THREE fans!!! Including one who has been following him since his Newgrounds days!!

Fubuki Con met my expectations. Heck, it even slightly went over my expectations. Everyone was friendly, kind, lovely. Everything went smoothly. I made more money than I did last year (FINALLY!! Okay, sure, it won’t much, but comparing it to Arisia and U-Con with their issues, Fubuki Con went amazing). I genuinely love this convention. If you guys ever ever EVER have a chance to go, GO. ATTEND FUBUKI CON. Plan a trip to Niagara Falls and go to Fubuki Con along the way or something, they are close enough! Whatever the excuse, ATTEND FUBUKI CON.

I also realized too…yeah, I definitely want to live in New York State. One day…one day.


Fubuki Con was fantastic. It was amazing. It was the best. It was seriously THE BEST. I don’t even know what to say other than it was THE BEST and I really think people should try attending it one day. I have yet to attend a convention with as many friendly, nice people as this convention.

After attending, I realize I need to start stepping up my game even more. I have so much to do and my big convention of the year is coming in just 3 months! They may seem like a long time, but I have to get to work NOW if I want to get things done.

Next Con: ConnectiCon.

Are YOU attending?


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