Month: February 2017

[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Upcoming February 28th UPDATE!!!

I am very excited for some upcoming changes to my website. Earlier this month brought about a rearrangement of the front page, allowing the most interesting content to be offered first and the less interesting ones to be offered last. However, coming up, are some additional changes, updates, and additions. I’m quite excited about all

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[CREATIVE WORKS] MAKE ME A MODEL is on Hiatus until August 2017

MAKE ME A MODEL is going on hiatus until August 2017. This is to ensure the maximum number of pages will be completed for consistent, rather than inconsistent, posting. Thank you so much for reading. To catch up, feel free to go to: Please look forward to future updates.

[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Arisia Con 2017

I keep on wanting to write this big, long summary of Arisia Con, but then I realize that I’m way too tired and lazy to do something like that for a post that is basically about a couple of awesome days in my life. I know I keep saying I should just bullet point post

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