Month: January 2017

[FOOD | RECIPE] Ranchero Fiesta Rice Dish

I really have no idea what to call this recipe. A part of me wants to call it Mexican-Inspired, but I don’t think that is quite right. I don’t think Southwest-Inspired isn’t right either. So, instead, I went with what what one of the bag of veggies I used says on it: This makes up

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[FOOD] What Have I Eaten? #1

For the month of Veganuary — and, who knows, maybe even beyond — I will be posting not just recipes, but also summaries of food I have eaten in the past. I will link to recipes if they are based off of what someone else has done or give you the basic gist of what

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[PLEASE NOTE: This post is UNEDITED.] HAPPY NEW YEARS, EVERYBODY!!!!! 2017 is FINALLY upon us! I have been waiting for 2017 to come for about 2 or 3 years now. I don’t even know why. All I know is, it’s something awesome. I choose to believe TrainerKelly’s Network is about to take some very great

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