Month: December 2016

[PERSONAL | RAMBLES] Good-Bye, 2016!

[PLEASE NOTE: This entry has NOT been edited, per usual. Those of you who are frequent to the blog should expect this by now, harharhar. Enjoy!] Wow, can you believe it’s already December 31st, 2016? My brain can barely comprehend that this year is almost over. There’s only a few hours left in 2016. Well,

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[FOOD RECIPE] Tofu Scramble with Potatoes

Veganuary starts TOMORROW!!! Are you excited? I know I am! In order to help you start your day off right, let me share with you one of my absolute favourite breakfast recipes: Tofu Scramble with Potatoes. What I am sharing with you can either be eaten as-is or be used as a base recipe. Often

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[FOOD] Can YOU go vegan for a month?

I was letting CheapLazyVegan’s videos play on autoplay and came across this video. I had seen it before, but something stood out to me this time: Veganuary. For the month of January, people take on the challenge of eating vegan for the whole month of January. It’s a challenge I actually want to ask my

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