[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Revamped Website Updates


Layouts Completed:

  • Front page
  • Site
  • Creative Works
  • Fan Dump
  • Naitmaric (minus Navigation)


Layouts Coming:

  • Fairolk
  • Kehllee
  • The Kelly Mulry Stories
  • Conventions


Content Coming:

  • Every page will be fleshed out with images to break up the text;
  • A brief autobiography of me;
  • Each world of mine that has a website (Naitmaric/Fairolk/Kehllee to start) will be a wealth of information, both basic and advanced; advanced information will gradually be revealed overtime alongside the stories that are told;
  • Art galleries for all Creative Works pages;
  • Add alternate tags to every image;

Overall, the website redesign is coming along quite nicely. I think it helps that most of the layouts are fairly consistent across each website. Right now, I am currently focusing on getting the websites completed and written content up, along with any images that I have already completed. I am not working on any new images for my website, at least for now.

I expect to launch this version on November 1st, 2016.

The top image is of the new Front Page. If you would like a comparison between the current and new one:


(Screenshot is a bit outdated.) I think the new front page looks much nicer: the concept behind it is ease-of-use. I’m putting the information people are looking for at the forefront, rather than hidden behind some images. That way, people can easily access the information I want them to see/they want to see.

People who would like to explore though, however, will find that there IS more to the website: additional blog entries, more creative works…stuff like that. It’s there for the people who are bored, the people who are wandering around, and the people who are curious.

My goal is to have my website rich in content; people who explore WILL get rewarded through such exploration. However, I want to make sure that exploration is optional. Required for the additional content, but not for what is currently being promoted.

…if that makes any sense.

I’m looking forward to the day that I launch the redesign of my website. I think it’s one of the best I have done in years, if not THE best….I keep on improvin’!

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