If you did not read the first post about closing down commissions permanently, please go here.

Originally I was going to close them down after January 1st, 2017 to give people plenty of time to get commissions they may want in now. However, I decided it is not worth my time waiting for that to happen.

I honestly don’t think it’s worth my time having them open for about two more week either, but I think it’s the least I can do.

So, commissions close on August 8th, 2016.

If you have a commission from me that is already 100% paid and would like your money back, please contact me at inquiry@trainerkelly.net with the subject like “Commission Refund” and I will refund you back via PayPal. Understand, however, I will NOT be completing your commission if I refund you. Otherwise, I am going to continue taking my time completing commissions, although I am even fed up with myself for taking so long.

Thank you for all your time and support. Please consider support my future endeavors. Thank you!

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