I worked my butt off in June to get my three original comic series, MAKE ME A MODEL, Naitmarish Glimpse, and Fairy Glimpse off the ground. I managed to complete about a month’s worth of MAKE ME A MODEL and three months worth of NAITMARISH GLIMPSE and FAIRY GLIMPSE. I also tried to get a Pokémon fan comic off the ground entitled Everybody Loves Ashley as well, but I didn’t even get the first page completed in time.

While the projects themselves have been pretty straight forward — just draw, colour/screentone, add text, and save in the appropriate file formats — there has been a lot more that, while technically should be straight forward, has fallen short or I’ve hit snags.

I was having issues with the MAKE ME A MODEL website originally, as my sidebar and my content box didn’t want to line up. Now I have this nagging feeling inside of me to revamp the website once more to make it a responsive so it can fit beautifully on any screen.

I have nagging feelings to develop the worlds of Naitmaric and Fairolk more before I continue forward. MAKE ME A MODEL‘s world could also use some elaboration as well.

This is on top of other nagging and overwhelming feelings of wanting to advertise each series, do each of their websites, revamp my ENTIRE WEBSITE (again) to a responsive website design, create promotional artwork for each of the series to help advertise (maybe even sell some one of these days), get back to some important-but-not-as-important projects, commissions to complete, and even more than what I am listing.

I recently hit a burn out point last week where I finally decided to let myself try and relax…only to have it fail on me. Instead, I just got depressed. The depression wasn’t as bad as last year, but it was still definitely worse than what I wanted to do.

It kind of hit this point where no matter what I was doing — reading manga, playing video games, really anything that didn’t involve money — wasn’t relaxing me. My mom ended up suggesting I go to New York City and I did and now I’m more relaxed now. YAY!

Since I’m actually feeling more relaxed now, I was able to have a clearer mind to think to myself and talk to myself: what did I personally need from me? What do I need to do to ensure I’m not dealing with the depression, anxiety, or my overwhelming feelings?

While some of it can’t really be helped at this specific moment, some parts of it can.

Which is why I am hitting the PAUSE button on ALL my projects.

What Am I NOT Pausing?

I am not pausing the current set of 12 pages of Everybody Loves Ashley. I will pause the series after those 12 pages, however.

I am not pausing commissions. I’ll complete the ones I have because I’m SUPER sick of them being there. Every time I work on my projects, I have this hissing voice going “heeey, do you remember you have commissions?” and it greatly upsets me because I have so many wonderful things to work on that commissions only serve to take me a way from. I’m changing that though. Commissions are closing on August 8th of this year.

I am not pausing posting up the pages of the comics that still need to be posted. I’m going to let them finish their run.

What AM I Pausing?

All four of my comics. Make Me a Model, Everybody Loves Ashley, Naitmarish Glimpse, and Fairy Glimpse. All of them are being paused so I can regroup, analyze, and execute. What was working and what wasn’t working? Why were they working and not working? What did I want to do differently and what needs to be done differently? There’s a lot of questions that I’m sure I have the answers for. Once I know the answers, I need the solutions and execute them accordingly.

Is there anything else I’m pausing? Nah, I don’t think so. Not for right now. Technically blogging, but up until today, that was paused.

What Am I Going to Do Instead?

I am so sick of having commissions just sitting, waiting to be completed, so I am going to plow through them. That’s what I’m going to do instead.

I also just…want to do some fun things. I want to go through and clean out my deviantART. I won’t delete everything, but I’ll be removing quite a bit. Mostly, I want to get rid of most of my straight-on-fan-art. Fan works might be okay, but that’s about it.

I want to work on Kelly’s Journey and dabble in Japanese as well.

I also am hoping to take my time on getting through all my comics. Like, rather than pushing through 12 pages a week, pace myself a bit better. I want to draw some promotional artwork as well so I’m not so…limited in choices of what I can put on promotional advertisements for each piece.

I want to work on revamping my website again too. I really want to convert everything to DIV tags and make the designs responsive. If that makes no sense to you, that’s perfectly okay. It doesn’t have to. Just know that I want to make my website look beautiful, no matter WHAT screen it is on. That is going to take some research and work, however.

My estimated “relaunch” date is going to be October 3rd, although it may be later than that depending on what happens. (Or it could be earlier.)

Closing Thoughts

As much as I am overwhelmed, angry, and annoyed at myself and how many projects I have going on, I want even MORE! It bothers me I don’t have more coming out! It bothers me I don’t have projects coming out EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK.

Hopefully this “pause” will allow me to get back to what I need to do to complete everything I set out to do this year.

Thank you, you guys. I suppose I’ll let you all know my year update later on and my goals for it…

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