I have about a trillion other things I would love to blog about and will be blogging about. However, I think I’m first going to blog about me completing ONE GOAL THIS YEAR!!!

I know, I know. Whoopie, one goal. How about the others?


What goal might this be that I am referring to?


I actually feel like this is kind of a small goal considering some of the other goals I have on my list. On the other hand…I suppose it’s pretty big. The storyboard has revealed to me that the comic I’m going to be doing is 187 pages long.

My brain right now is like “ha, you think you should celebrate? this is no sweat” but…shush brain. I should be celebrating this. If I can finish THIS goal, what about my other ones? I probably can finish them too then!!

Where to Go From Here


Okay, so great — my comic storyboard is completed. The one I’ve been inching through since last year. Since this goal has been achieved, what am I going to do?

Before I talk about the other goals I need to get through, I’m going to talk about what I’m doing with the storyboard.

Perhaps, obviously, I am going to be drawing the actual comic pages. Not just for this comic, but for the other 5 I have as well.

Yes, I have 5 others.

I have one fan comic, 2 one-panel comics, and 2 four-panel comics. Plus the one I just storyboarded. All together, there are 6 comics. I am aiming to begin posting them in July this year.

I’m going to begin working on all the comics May 1st unless I feel like doing otherwise. I am going to aim to get a minimum of 12 pages for each comic finished as that equates to about 3 months worth of comics. If I can do more, GREAT! If not…well, I can work on the comics as I am posting the completed pages.

All comics will debut on my Patreon first. The one-panel and four-panel comics will be posted probably in bulk. The fan comic and the original one I finished storyboarding will be posted 3 times a week on Patreon.

One-panel comics then will have a once-a-week posting on Instagram (which is what I’ve designed them for). Four-panel comics will be posted once a week starting on my website and will be advertised through all my venues (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); selected four-panel comics will be posted on my deviantART at a later date.

The fan comic and original comic will be posted publicly first on my website on Fridays and Mondays, respectfully. They will be posted on those days on deviantART the following week, falling one behind. They will be posted on other places after each other (for instance, my website will be the most recent; deviantART will be a week behind my website; Tumblr will be two weeks behind my website, etc.)

Believe it or not, I’m excited to get to everything!!! I think the fan comic is going to be the most tedious, but it’s also the only one that is full colour throughout the entire comic. All the other comics either have no colour (just grayscale) OR start with colour, but do not end with it.

Other Goals

Sooo, let’s take a look at my goals. Kind of ignore the months, since the months are really a reference and my hopeful breakdown of goals. I am striking out any goals I have completed.

The Remainder of January

  • Primary Focus: Website
    • complete “Comics” subsite
    • create & complete “Conventions” subsite
    • create & complete subpages related to the above sites
    • fix online shop
  • Secondary Focus: Small Comics
    • write & draw short, small comics related to the convention characters to introduce them to the world
  • Tertiary Focus: Comics
    • continue to storyboard current comic; min. is 30 minutes a day


  • Primary Focus: Kelly’s Journey
    • rewrite Kelly’s Journey episodes that need to be rewritten
      • take notes where applicable
    • edit Kelly’s Journey episodes that need to be rewritten, if applicable
  • Secondary Focus: Japanese Prep
    • continue taking notes on Japanese
    • start the “Japanese immersion” process
  • Other:
    • launch online shop (February 1st)
    • continue with short, introduction comics
    • continue to storyboard, if applicable


  • Primary Focus: Kelly’s Journey
    • write episodes 25 and 26; if possible write the next couple of episodes as well
  • Secondary Focus: Japanese Prep
    • review Japanese; this includes taking notes, redoing lesson practices, etc.
  • Other:
    • continue with short, introduction comics
    • continue to storyboard, if applicable


  • Primary Focus: Kelly’s Journey

    • write episodes 27 and 28; if possible write the next couple of episodes as well
  • Secondary Focus: Japanese Prep

    • review Japanese; this includes taking notes, redoing lesson practices, etc.
  • Other:

    • continue with short, introduction comics

    • continue to storyboard, if applicable. Storyboards MUST be done before May 1st!!!

Okay, so, yeah, I completed some other goals too, but the storyboard is the first isolated goal that I got completed (for instance, it’s the only storyboard I had to do, so I completed it; my website, on the other hand, has many pages that still need to be done, so I’ve only completed a small goal, not an overarching goal…if that makes sense…?).

I think the most obvious thing is that Japanese is getting screwed over again. I’ll admit that I don’t even have motivation to do it, but I think some of that has to do with last year and that it’s a low priority in comparison to the other stuff. Like, I love Japanese, but I am not really in the mood to do it. Maybe later this year. Who knows. Actually, I think I just might because I know I’m completing everything I set out to do.

Since the storyboard is completed, I am going to set my sights on working on Kelly’s Journey. I should have a post on that soon to discuss something with fans of the series and ask for their opinion on, but I won’t go into detail here. I am going to set my sights on Kelly’s Journey since it will be relatively easy for me to work on while I put my focus onto two other things: commissions and a class I am taking for my second (third?) job.

I think it should be obvious why I am going to switch my focus to those.

Also, I have my file cabinet I am going to reorganize, so there is that as well. I’m determined to have that completed by the end of April!

At this point, Japanese prep and study is dropped for this first half of this year in favour of other projects and priorities. Obviously doesn’t mean I won’t go back to it (I actually think I will be later this year). It’s just not a top priority. It IS a higher priority than say, reading a book or watching a TV show to me. However, it’s also the first thing to get dropped when I have too many other projects to do, haha.

Despite putting Japanese on the back burner, I’m moving forward with everything else.

Okay me, it’s time to get MOVIN’!!! (Whose excited? I AM!!!)

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