Hey everyone! How are you doing?

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. I actually wrote a few blog entries, but they’re pretty irrelevant now. I hope to redo one of them in the future, but the other one has to be scrapped. It’ll come back in a different form though!!

I felt like just giving a super brief update. Maybe I should do these, although I probably won’t. My usual blog entries take like…3 hours to write. You probably can understand why I am not really writing anyway.

Life Progress

  • bad thing happened in February, but I’m not going to talk about it until the year ends because I want to see where I am when this year DOES end
  • I got hired for another job; I have to take a class and get certified first though before I actually start it
  • Hurricane and I are still together; despite everything, we are still going strong!

Business & Goal Progress

  • I went to U-Con, Fubuki Con, and Kaminari Con, all two weeks apart from each other with two of them in March. Oh boy!
  • I have NO conventions right now for the rest of the year; I am currently debating when I should go to another convention. I am perhaps thinking AFTER the summer, so I can focus on actually getting content OUT! (Come ooooon me, start publishing stuuuuuuuuffffff)
  • I finished Kelly’s Journey episode 25!! I thought I would get to episode 26 this month, but other things took over.
  • I failed my goal for one new artwork per convention; on the plus side, I don’t have another convention quite yet (and I think I may in the fall), so I can work more on convention artwork!
  • …I started storyboarding again. For now. Will I finish by May 1st? Let me see…

Overall though, despite my late starts and conflicting desires of what I want to work and should be working on, I believe I am going to achieve everything I set out to do this year. Are you guys excited? I know I am!! For now…

…oh boy.

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