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Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

I’m sure some of you are aware I have been drawing a lot lately. Not only have I been storyboarding, but I’ve been doing a lot of sketches. A majority of the sketches are just what I call “sketch doodles” that are NOT meant to be coloured, while a handful of them are serious sketches, meaning I intend to colour them at some point. On top of the billion other things I am meaning to colour…oh boy.

Anyway, after a conversation with a friend today, I was tempted to go back to some of my old artwork and redraw it. I honestly didn’t do too many of those, mainly because my deviantART account has a shockingly low amount of older artwork that I haven’t redrawn or had the desire to redraw.

Among the few I did do wasn’t so much a redraw as it was just seeing how an old character fit into my current style of drawing. That character was a young girl named Rihan.

Rihan was the main character in a 2006 novel I was attempting during National Novel Writing Month. I didn’t get too far in the story, unfortunately. However, fortunately for me, I got far enough to somewhat understand where the story was going.

Rihan was supposed to just be starting the 6th grade and has some reoccurring nightmares about horrible things. She thinks they’re a premonition of some sort, but isn’t sure. One day she comes home from school and something ends up in her eye, where she meets Aira, a devil goddess of the wind, who so kindly informs her of this magical book that’s just chillin’ up in the attic of Rihan’s home.


That’s where the story stops, but I’m pretty sure I know what’s suppose to happen next: Rihan is suppose to become a magical girl and fight off a villain. I’m getting too that despite being a devil, Aira was suppose to help Rihan. Huh.

I thought when I first started reading the story, it wouldn’t have any potential, but now that I’ve read it, it definitely does. If I spent some time with the story, I think it could be really fun.

That’s not really what this post is about though.

This post is about Aira.

I honestly never drew anybody but Rihan for the story.

You can probably imagine my surprise today that after I read the story and went back through my gallery, I stumbled up another character I named Aira…who uses wind magic.

I was SHOCKED. I don’t recall ever reading Rihan’s story after I wrote in 2006, so the fact I wrote a character kind of similar to the devil in the story in 2011 was surprising!

I think I probably went with the name Aira because it means “of the wind”, but this Aira’s family history sounds like it probably would be a good reworking of devil Aira’s character. Hm.

It does make me wonder if it I ever start Rihan’s story over, which Aira will I go with: the devil Aira or this white witch Aira? I’m personally not quite sure myself. Both would be fairly interesting.

I did have a different story planned for the White Witch Aira though, especially with some adventures with her little cousin, but only time will tell what I do with them.

Other Shiznit

I’ve been having ideas flowing pretty decently for the past few days. This is extremely refreshing, since it’s what I’ve been wanting all this time! Some people may think it’d be horrible to have a pretty consistent stream of ideas, but I think it’s wonderful! The only horrible thing about it is not being to do them all at once!

I sketched out character sheets for nearly every majour character in the original comic I’m going to be doing soon. I mainly did it so when I went to storyboard, I could doodle features on them that would define the characters. I’ll admit I haven’t done the storyboard yet — I just prepped my paper.

As I said when I opened this post, I’ve been sketching lately. A majourity of them are honestly just sketch doodles; some of them character design sheets, while others are just random poses. However, there are some regular sketches by me too.

The regular sketches by me lately are a nice mixture artwork for myself, artwork for others, and artwork I’m hoping to make into prints. I’m really enjoying myself right now. I’m hoping that one day, I won’t have to take commissions because the pieces I come up with will be just enough.

All this drawing and story writing honestly has me excited and itching to do more stories and comics!! I have so many things to tell! Of course, I can’t really do them all at the same time. I have to pick and choose which ones I’m going to do, so that’s what I’m doing.

I should probably stop delaying the storyboards for my original comic, huh? That might be a good idea…

Good night!

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