[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Updates #25 & #26 (There’s actually pictures today!!!)

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

Hey, look you guys! An update that’s for the past two days! How awesome is that? Awesome, right?

…maybe not.

I don’t know.

I don’t even think too many people read this blog. If you do…HIIIIII. I know my grandmother does. HI GRAMMA!!!

Okay, yeah.


Let’s start with August 14th.

On August 14th, I got about three hours of sleep before I had to wake up to get ready for my job interview at Village Silversmith. I got ready, packed up the clothes I was planning on returning to Hurricane’s mother, and drove off to my interview.


The area I had to go to was BEAUTIFUL. It was a port town and you could tell. Even when I saw no water, the atmosphere of the area had such beauty to it. I would even go as far as to describe the feeling as “quaint”. I personally hadn’t experienced a feeling like that before, visiting anywhere.

The interview went smoothly and quickly. I really wanted to hang around the area the store was located, but I couldn’t due to wanting to head of Hurricane’s place. He hadn’t been answering his phone (he was mad at me for wanting to return the clothes), but he eventually answered and told me he was over our friend’s house.

I drove to our friend’s house and snuggled up against Hurricane like a cat. Both him and Daniel said I looked good in my interview clothes, but Hurricane didn’t want to snuggle me or anything because I looked too masculine. I wasn’t upset by that, but I was a bit sad I wasn’t snuggling him. He got affectionate though once I took off the tie and button up shirt, just to be in a plain black t-shirt and the dress pants.

He kept talking about how he wanted to see Straight Outta Compton and brought it up several times, since he has been wanted to see that movie for MONTHS now. I told him I wanted to go see it too, but I didn’t have the money.

Our friend was super generous though and gave us money to go see the movie AND buy us snacks! He couldn’t go because of the fun sucker that is homework (unless you work from home…then that’s cool).


Hurricane and I went back to my place so I could change into something more…me. We headed over to the theatre shortly after, only to find out the movie time we wanted to go to was sold out, as was the one after that. We had about an hour to kill, so we went over to the mall nearby the theatre.

The first stop we went to in the mall was Uniqlo, which is an awesome Japanese clothing store chain. It came up during a conversation with Hurricane when he was describing a particular kind of vest that he wanted. I recalled Uniqlo having something like he described, so we went there.

The girl who was helping us seemed really nervous or trying to hard, but she was helpful. She offered to let me try on some stuff, but I declined — I really just wanted Hurricane and his beautiful self to try on the clothes.


He was REALLY liking them! I was really liking them too. I kept petting the jeans because they were super soft. I wish I had more money so I could buy some of the Uniqlo clothes; I have a nightgown by them somewhere, as well as a nice button up shirt.

After Uniqlo, we walked around the mall and decided to get some food at the food court. He got some sweet chicken, while I bought myself a slice of pizza and some breadsticks. The guy working the register thought my pizza slice was too small, so he offered me something small for free! I wanted the ziti, but we both agreed that it was too much of a price difference, so I just opted for a third breadstick. I was super happy! I thought that was AMAZING! It was super unexpected.

After we ate, we ran off to the movies. We got what we wanted to eat and headed to our seats. Hurricane was kind of dumbfounded by how close we were to the screen, which just made me think “yeah, what did you expect”. We picked front row seats for a movie that was nearly sold out.

I had to adjust my seat (because this movie theatre has these SUPER AWESOME couch seats that you can adjust with buttons) so I could look up at a comfortable position.

We watched what felt like 30 minutes of previews before the movie started. I probably got halfway through my popcorn by then.

Throughout the movie, Hurricane kept glancing over at me, asking me if I was okay or asking if I was liking the movie. Actually, before we even started watching the movie, he kept asking if I really wanted to see the movie and that I could “back out” if I wanted to. I kept telling him, no, I didn’t want to back out! I wanted to see the movie with him and honestly, after I saw the preview for the movie, I thought it looked really good!


If you don’t know what the movie is about, it’s the story of the rap group, N.W.A.. I’ll admit, I knew nothing about the N.W.A. and when Hurricane was telling me a bit of their history, the only name I even recognized was Dr. Dre. Before we went to the movie theatre, he played some of their songs for me so I could get a feeling. He told me about two of the other members, Ice Cube and Easy-E. I think the entire time he thought I would be wanting to back down from watching a movie about a rap group that had violence in it, but I did genuinely want to see it…the previews looked like it was going to be a good movie.

I didn’t feel mislead by the previews.

I definitely wasn’t mislead.

The pacing of the movie was great and didn’t really feel like it ever dragged. It was just really long; our movie showing was at 8:30 and we got out at around 11, to give you an idea. I cried a couple times throughout the movie, with Hurricane responding like “I knew you were going to cry” and “don’t cry” because he hates seeing me cry. But hey, if a part’s sad enough, I’m gonna cry, dang it!

We left the movie, talking about it for a bit.

We parted at his house. I felt sad because he won’t give me kisses if he’s near his parents place; he’s too cautious of them.

Oh…and I never returned the clothing because he begged me not to, told me his dad was home, and to think of clothing as from him too. It really did help.

Then, let’s move on to August 15th~!

I went to bed the night before, extremely tired. I barely pushed through to do my 28-day gratitude thing I’m doing. I actually forgot to thinking about something good while holding my “gratitude rock” (it’s a piece of fire agate), but I did it once I woke up.

I woke up at 5:30-something this morning feeling SUPER good. I don’t even know why or how, but I did. However, because it was so early, I decided to go back to sleep. I could have gotten up and worked on something, but nope! I decided to sleep longer, especially with how tired I’ve been lately.

…clearly my body decided to punish me because when I woke up again sometime after 8 AM, my mouth had been wide up with an obscene amount of drool coming out of it and felt rather dry, my throat felt like popcorn kernels were stuck to it, and worst of all, I felt sick to my stomach!

What the heck happened in the three hours I was asleep?!

I got up to go to the bathroom and very quickly realized if I didn’t go back to sleep soon and let whatever this feeling was pass over me, I was definitely going to vomit. I didn’t want that to happen, so I quickly went back to bed, wondering if I was going to be okay before work.

I wasn’t though, so I called out and slept more because, seriously, if I was to stay up in the condition I was in, I would have vomited. I have no doubt. It was super similar to the time I had accidentally ate stale popcorn.

I slept and slept and slept until I finally had enough. I felt a bit better than I had earlier, but still not well enough. However, I was really sick of sleeping endlessly. I was getting sick of not working on goals. I was sick of not doing the stuff that I want to use to make money at the side.

So I got up.

I ate some pretzels, which helped. I also drank some water, which in conjunction with the pretzels, worked wonders. I wonder if I had done that earlier, if it would have helped? I don’t know. It may have helped a bit. I think it really helped this time simply because there was less to do…(and oh my gosh, I just realized it’s now 7:30 in the morning right now…erm, anyway).

I was hoping to get a huge move on with my goals: convention artwork, applying for new jobs, gratitude step thing. Also, finishing My Little Pony season 5 and watching Ever After High’s Way Too Wonderland special on Netflix.

I started out pretty strong with the convention artwork, but started to drag as I went on. I got distracted. I wanted to just poke around on Facebook and watch YouTube videos and stuff. I didn’t want to work on anything. I continued to trudge through and worked on sketch doodles for the original characters I want to put on the convention pieces. A lot of the sketches look stupid and messy and out of proportion with worse anatomy than usual, but hey…they’re sketch doodles and meant to give me an idea of how the characters are suppose to look.


While I was sketching, I was watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was finishing up season 5, which I thought was excellent! I thought it seemed oddly short, but it turns out that there is two parts to this season. I personally can’t wait for the second part! I kind of had to stop sketching at some points to watch, like for Episode 100, which was perhaps the most fan-dedicated episode I have ever seen for any series.


Like, I felt that it was Hasbro and all the people on the show’s way of being like “THANK YOU FANS”. It’s a fanfest. It doesn’t use any of the main six ponies (who are referred to as “Mane Six”) except in the background and instead puts the BACKGROUND ponies up front! All the minor characters, all the one-episode characters are back. All the characters who show up on the side are there.

It’s one, huge episode dedicated entirely to the fandom.

I actually really wonder what the people (including young children, like the actual show is targeted for) who don’t know the fandom thought of that episode. I thought it was crazy, personally.

I think this was easily my favourite part (along with what follows; my mouth was open the entire time):

After I finished the season, I watched Way Too Wonderland and found that it was AMAZING and now I can’t wait for the next Ever After High movie. I’m also still convinced that Maddie Hatter and Pinkie Pie (from MLP) would be best friends.

I ate dinner while watching Way Too Wonderland, which was just a simple meal of penne pasta with diced tomatoes and spices. It was delicious.

After that, I doodled one more set of characters, just before forcing myself to fill out some job applications. I could tell you by this time, I really didn’t feel like doing anything. I wish I felt like doing something, but I really had no heart in anything. I mostly felt like I was dragging my feet and was a bit irritated.

After applying some places, I decided to do the 28-day gratitude practice thing, which I thought I would have to force myself to do, but it went by rather smoothly after I read the chapter.

And then I decided to write this blog entry!

I’m hoping I feel more motivated later. I hate feeling this way! I love feeling motivated! I love feeling organized and knowing I have a direction! I love feeling like the ball is rolling and that it won’t stop! I’m looking forward to that feeling again.

Maybe I’m suppose to get irritated to make that happen, so I can get angry and become more motivated, but I’m not sure yet. Only time will reveal that to me!

Have a good night! Or day. Or morning. Or whatever. Bye~!

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