HELLO EVERYBODY and welcome to August 2015! Wow, I can’t believe it’s already August! I remember July just starting. It’s been so long! It’s also been kind of a struggle for me with a few up points, but that’s okay. We’re in August! It’s time for me to start anew and switch focus to a specific project!

I had noted at the revival of my Daily Updates idea of doing a “one month, one theme” idea like I had done in 2011. It’s when I pick a project I want to do and focus on it the WHOLE month. I don’t touch any other projects during this time. I detailed my monthly plan a bit further in this post.

I’m about to go even further in this one, particularly for the month of August.

That way, you guys can hold me accountable for what I’m going to do and not do.

Oh, I should make a note that over ALL months, commissions will NOT be affected. Those “projects” will be considered a priority over everything else. That just means that I’ll box off specific times to work on them.

Anyway, let’s start to talk about the theme for August!

Theme of the Month

For this month, I’m actually doing something a tiny bit different than the rest of the months: I’m choosing two themes!

The theme of this months is Website and Artwork.

I decided to go with TWO themes, since both themes are pretty interconnected with each other. On top of that, working on my website honestly doesn’t take me too long. I’m fairly certain if I sit down and focus on my website, I’ll get everything done within a week.

Artwork is a bit different. I’m fairly certain that it will take me a month to complete everything, if not much longer. Probably much longer. However, I aim to get my more important pieces done this month. I would love to do some next month as well, but not so much in this quantity. And specifically, I would like to do more pieces for ME.

I’m getting a bit too far ahead though.

Let’s go ahead and talk about…

The Plans


I’m going to break them down into slightly smaller categories and detail on them from there.

– complete Hurricane360 subsite
– add in product page for commissions that shows all the potential products that can be made using purchased artwork
– redo the social networking page; make the RIGHT layout this time
– create the comic subsite templates

I think that’s it.

– complete all commissions; I have maybe 8 or 9 of them to do
– work on artwork related to my commissions site
– begin convention print artworks
– work on comic storyboards
– complete started pictures (fun ones)
– work on that smaller back catalog I have

Hopefully that’s it. I can already feel my body starting to get stressed out from that.

The priority for the artwork is definitely completing commissions, beginning convention print artworks, and working on the comic storyboards. The other things are nice, but if I can’t do them, then I don’t do them. I would like to if I can.


I’m going to be working on everything in one hour intervals, since that seems to suit me best. I start to get bored and distracted by the time it hits one hour, so the hour completing gives me a moment to take a break.

I suppose you can say I get a 15 minute break in all. However, 5 minutes will be dedicated to silly things like checking my e-mail or checking Facebook or something. The last 10 minutes will be dedicated to doing something relaxing. What that is, I don’t know. I could read a bit of a book or meditate. Regardless, it’s going to be something I can do fairly quick and, hopefully, kick me back into gear.

I may cut that down to ten minutes though if I find I end up not wanting to go back to what I do because I waited too long.

I am setting 3 to 4 hours aside for commissions. This should be enough to complete multiple phases of a commission. In some cases, it would be enough hours to complete an entire commission, but most of the commissions I have right now are much longer for time. However, I should still be able to get a good chunk completed in that allotted time.

Everything else…one hour minimum I’m actually going to aim for TWO hours for almost everything, if not everything or even three. However, if I can only work a bit on everything, one hour per each goal. If I find I have too many goals to complete within a certain time, I will pick two or three of them (other than the required commissions goal, which will still be done by itself) and focus on those that day.

The only exception to the one hour minimum is the comic storyboard, where I will spend only 20 minutes a day working on it. Well, I suppose I can do more, but that will ALSO be restricted to 20 minutes until it’s done. Then I get to start ANOTHER storyboard, whoo hoo!!

For these first seven days, I am going to focus on the website. I think I might as well get these out of the way. They’re both the easiest and the less time consuming one. Usually. Not all the time, but most of the time. I know some people would say to “do the hard ones first”, but in my personal experience, that’s stupid most of the time. I tried doing that with my website actually and in turn, I lost about 6 months. I could have completed ALL THE OTHER PAGES in that time and got the website done in 2013! If I had waited to work on the hardest one until the end, my website could have launched.

So, yes, I am going to start with the website.

Alongside the website, I am going to work on commissions and the comic storyboards.

Once the website is finished, I’m going to switch focus onto the remainder of the artwork, focus on convention pieces and the artwork I had done for the commissions website. I can throw in some original pieces and back catalog ones too, if I choose to.

If that’s too long to read, here’s the short of it:
– 3 to 4 hours for commissions
– 1 hour MINIMUM for everything else EXCEPT comic storyboarding, which is only 20 minutes
– aiming for 2 hours for everything OTHER THAN commissions and comic storyboarding
– breaks will be 15 minutes; they may be reduced to 10 minutes if I feel that is right and will be taken after every activity completion
– starting the month with the website
– starting the month with commissions
– starting the month with comic storyboards
– the rest of the month is with convention pieces, artwork for the commissions website, and some original/back catalog pieces


I’m both excited and scared about this month! Will I find that I’m trying to do too many things, similar to 2010 when I was attempting to write a short story alongside my novel, only to drop the short story? Or will I be able to complete everything I intend to, while starting everything else I hope to do?

I guess we’ll see.

I’ll be attempting to make specific progress updates about the website and creative works all this month, alongside the daily updates. Hopefully I’ll be able to do so! No, I WILL definitely do that. I mean, I sort of am doing that now, right?

I think it will keep me on track.

I’m excited.

Okay, thanks for reading and thank YOU for joining me. I’ll keep you…posted. ;]

Oh, just to throw this in at the last minute…I’m so happy work is giving me SHORT hours. I’m SO going to take advantage of it.

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