[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Update #3

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

I’m super tired and I want to continue reading Earth Angel Realms and go to bed, so I’m going to make this pretty quick. Hopefully.

I think I read a bit of The Power last night before I actually went to bed. I woke up today in the middle of the day and promptly checked my phone, curious if my honey bee contacted me at all. He told me last night not to come over today so I can save money, but I really wanted to see him. I was surprised he didn’t contact me with anything (not even a video game update!), so I contacted him. We kind of went back and forth a bit about what to do for the day and we settled on spending time together and eating where I’m living now.

I picked him up and really just wanted to spend time snuggling him. We stopped by Walmart on the way home to pick up a soda for him and the pasta I was going to make us. I made some sauce last night, so we both agreed to have pasta (I was originally thinking pizza, but pasta is a great idea too). We ate thin spaghetti; I made myself whole grain thin spaghetti and I made him regular ones. I also made us some garlic bread at the side.

We watched The Emperor’s New Groove while we ate. He hasn’t seen a whole lot of Disney movies, so I’m sort of on a mission to show him as many as I can. I think they’re great to know simply to understand references made to them, even if you don’t like them. Fortunately, he enjoyed The Emperor’s New Groove and promptly shared his memories of the spin-off of it he used to watch. I think it was called The Emperor’s New School? I’m too lazy to look it up now.

I was going to bake us a cake, but he wasn’t feeling too well, so we spent the remainder of the time snuggling. I honestly didn’t want to let him go and when he insisted we go back before his parents start calling him in a crazy panic, I felt really sad. I didn’t want to stop hugging him. I’ve been feeling really down and stressed lately, so being in his nice, thin arms felt WONDERFUL. I love him so much. (I’m tearing up right now.)

I brought him home, came back, and decided to bake that dang cake because I still wanted it! It’s a Blue Velvet cake with purple frosting. I made it once before, ate half of it, and my mom threw it out. I cried when I found that out. For whatever reason, the cake gave me a happiness I haven’t felt in a while and it was like that happiness was torn from me. I don’t know if this version of the cake will provide me with the same feelings; I have to wait and see. It is definitely delicious.

I think I was going to watch some YouTube videos, but I decided against it because I really didn’t feel like watching anything. I did end up watching a few techpara videos, but that was about it.

I contemplated a bit about what I wanted to do or felt like doing. I ended up reading. Actually, I started reading while baking the cake, so I really just continued it, haha.

I think I’m getting the chronological order of the events wrong, but that’s okay. I’m tried. Regardless of the order, it’s what I did today.

Oh, me and the pretty boy stopped at Gamestop to check on his application. He’s among the potential, which is good. He also was trying to promote my business like the sweetheart he is and I kept shutting him down just before giving him. He’s really a great example of not being fearless. I think I need to give him a stack of my business cards so he can promote me. He so would do that. He’s a HUGE inspiration in that way.

I also so awesomely missed a conversation with him and a friend by TWO HOURS. It happened on Skype and I was too busy doing other stuff.

Okay, I’m done with this post.

I think I need to stop delaying video game playing.

I’m already aware that it will help take off some of this stagnant energy in me.


Good night!

(Okay, one more side note that’s kind of unrelated: I keep adding extra steps in my head when I walk up and down the stairs here; it’s really weird. I keep almost tripping because of it! It’s not bad when there’s light, but when there’s no light, forget it!

Okay, good night. (I’ve said okay too much) nighty night)

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