[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Update #2

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

Hey everybody, what’s up? How are all of you doing? Welcome to my second daily update! Two days strong, let’s keep this up! I hope.

I started out my day receiving a text from my beautiful honey bee just talking about his home life. After I texted him back and because I didn’t have to go to work until about four hours or so later, I decided to read some manga. I picked out Dawn of the Arcana. I didn’t really know what to expect of it; I honestly just liked the cover. Inside though is a rather interesting story I’m looking forward to uncovering. Let it be known that when I have more money flowing, I am SO picking up the rest of the volumes! If I still think the series is good by then…

I’m really curious where the story is going to go. All I can really tell is that the main girl is a princess who was married to an enemy kingdom as a type of temporary truce and everybody thinks it’s odd that she has red hair. The main girl also has an ability that seems to be called arcana that lets her see across time, if I’m understanding it correctly. The story has barely started, so I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

I kind of forget sometimes how inspiring manga can be for me. It’s often times a mood lifter for me and generally starts up my brainstorming thoughts for my own stories. It also inspires me to draw. Reading Dawn of the Arcana definitely reminded me of that.

I didn’t get to finish reading it before I had to get ready for work. I went to work, which was pretty awful and boring and I am just going to keep aiming for a new job OR for my business to start producing lots and lots of money. And by “lots and lots of money”, I mean enough to support me and my business. A customer, who was complaining a lot earlier in the day, later came up to me and apologized for how she was acting and thanked me for my help. She then just started talking to me and it was fun to listen to. It made my day a little brighter, especially since I wanted to leave SO badly.

I did hit some pretty deep points of depression today, but I think hitting those deep points definitely helped. It does make me think I need to contemplate a bit more about my actions for the future.

Oh, um…you guys are going to laugh and skeptics are going to shout “PLACEBO” like a placebo is a bad thing (’cause, you know, activating the bodies natural healing system is SUCH a bad thing, wink wink), but before I went to work, I took a Bach Rescue Remedy, which is just a few flower essences, to see if I could curve my stress headache. I think it worked, at least enough to lower the stress headache even more so it didn’t really act up during work. (My brain still feels heavy though…)

Erm, anyway…

After work, I came home, made some sauce, finished reading Dawn of the Arcana, talked to a friend on Facebook. I also played some of Toonstruck, which is a game from 1996 featuring a bunch of big actors, including Christopher Lloyd. It was released a few months back on GOG. It’s pretty cool playing something so old and the story seems interesting enough. I’m TOTALLY digging the voice acting. What I’m not digging is using my touchpad-esque tablet for clicking everything. Sometimes the clicks don’t seem to register. I can’t use my tablet pen either — whenever I try to, the cursor jumps to the side of the screen…argh. I’m not sure if it’s really worth the money to invest in a mouse or if I should just go find the wireless one I have somewhere, packed away in a box (I think).

I shut the game down when I started to eat and decided to head over to some YouTube! I poked around on there, skimming through a bunch of videos before I decided I had enough of YouTube — let me listen to some MUSIC!

So I did.

And I danced.

That was fun. SUPER FUN.

I tired out though after “VANILLA GORILLA” because I basically was just jumping around and that was stupidly fun. I was afraid I was going to trip over something on my floor though.

My floor isn’t really a mess, it’s just that there were too many things on the floor around me that are fine on the floor, like my shoes which are nicely under my beauty table thing and my Japanese-style futon.

Overall, I suppose my day was good. I actually think my low point was work.

What will tomorrow bring?

I’ll let you guys know. For now, I think I’m going to head to bed…maybe.

Maybe I’ll stay up longer. I don’t know.

I think I need to stop pretending I don’t want to play my PS4 because I do.


Or not.

I don’t know. Good night.

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