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In my last post, I mentioned about perhaps doing a daily update on my life or progress in projects, similar to how I did so in 2010 and 2011. I am curious if they will keep me more motivated and on track. I also mentioned that I am thinking about giving each month a theme of what I’m going to concentrate on.

Why a Month?

I remember when I first expressed my desire to work on multiple projects, all which mean a lot to me, but couldn’t figure out how to work on all of them without getting overwhelmed, my boyfriend so kindly suggested that I set certain days of the week as time for specific projects. He then proceeded to tell me his ideas for what projects of mine should be done which days. I initially rejected his idea a bunch of times, before I finally decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, a day for myself is often too short for what I want to do.

When I went back to my older blog entries yesterday, I realized just how great an idea my 2010 self had when I took two months and gave them both a theme. It also vaguely reminded of my boyfriend’s wonderful suggestion of setting aside certain days. However, a month would give me more time to focus on a SPECIFIC subject, I would be exercising self-discipline, and I should, in theory, based off my previous experience, stay on track a lot better.

I like to spend a lot of time on specific projects, up until the point I get bored of them and I need to recharge my batteries for them. That’s usually when I skip over to another project and come back to the project I got bored of later. A month of nearly non-stop focus on one project usually ends up being enough to get a dose of it I need to balance myself and get a large amount of work done.

It’s awesome.

The Plan

Since there’s only about, what, 10 days left in July (wow, where did the time go), I have decided to spend it just goofing off and relaxing. Not focus on any projects, including commissions (sorry clients!). I’m going to watch shows I’ve been wanting to watch, play video games I’ve been wanting to play, read all the books I’ve been wanting to read. I’m going to take baths to relax. I’m going to meditate. I’m going to dance. I’m just going to do whatever relaxing thing for me I can think of. Except go to NYC because I don’t have the money for that right now. I wish I did though, since I would SO go.

August will be dedicated to my website and artwork.

I know, I know. There’s TWO themes of that month! However, they are VERY connected to each other. My website honestly doesn’t really have much work to be done to it (there’s a few pages I need to add or fix, plus I have a nice website for my boyfriend, Hurricane360, to create). I’m going to leave the Kelly’s Journey subsite off of August’s website goal list. The remainder of the month will be dedicated to artwork, a good portion of it being either related to the website OR to commissions. There may be some fun ones scattered throughout, but for the most part, COMMISSIONS.

In plain terms, for myself: August will be dedicated to my website and artwork. The web pages include the extras page for commissions, the comic subsite, the redone social networking page, and the Hurricane360 subsite. I will leave out the Kelly’s Journey subsite for now so it coincides with my much bigger plans. The remainder of the month will be dedicated to artwork: most artwork will be either COMMISSIONS or the WEBSITE. Other pieces are welcome too!

September…hmmm…let me make that a Kelly’s Journey month. Yeah, a Kelly’s Journey month. I guess this is a chance to see if I can write one episode a week. If I can…that would be great! I’m currently on episode 25 of the series. I’m excited!

October will be dedicated to Japanese. I’m really sick of not studying Japanese. I’m not sure if I’m going to be dedicating this month to completing my notes I started taking, if it’s going to start my review, or if it’s going to start the next chapter. I’m kind of hoping in August and September, I do a bit of Japanese (like, 20 minutes worth) every few days by continuing to type up my notes. I’m going to aim for October to be a proper REVIEW month. That’s going to be fun! I hope…

As for November and December, I’ll have to contemplate on those. I think I’ll figure them out when it gets closer. I think three months planned in advance is kind of enough…right?

Updates Plan

I’m going to plan daily updates or near-daily updates, similar to (or exactly like) the 2010 updates. I’m hoping these will keep me on track. If they don’t, they should AT LEAST provide me with a history for my future. I like seeing what I wanted to achieve in the past and seeing how I match up today.

I think the blog entries in 2010 were a way to keep me accountable for doing or not doing the projects I set out to do. I even continued those entries into 2011, specifically with Love Me Softly, which was the first book I managed to complete (even though it’s just a badly written rough draft, but that’s okay). I tried to do them a couple times later on, but I usually ended up failing. Let me see if I can change that.


I’m hoping this works. I really do. I need to make some changes in my life and they’re not going to happen unless I do something to make them happen. If writing daily blog entries about my project statuses helps, then I shall do it!

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