[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Update #1: Relaxing Attempt #1

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

I’m actually pretty tired right now since my body has been making me go to bed at 2 AM for the past month or so for whatever reason and right now it’s 4:03. My eyes are starting to go blurry and I can barely keep my eyes open, but that’s okay. I want to start these daily updates TODAY. If I can’t even start it today, how am I suppose to do them tomorrow?

After writing my blog entry talking about my potential daily update idea, I headed over to Hurricane360’s house (we’re not living together at the moment because of moving circumstances…sad face). I had today off and I really was depressed after unexpectedly writing an angry journal entry last night that just listed everything I was upset with. I had select songs playing from My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks! on the way there, which eventually had me in tears because all the feelings that started coming out the night before was moving around in me. I think most notably was feeling such high power inside of me, but feeling like I’m just too stuck on the ground.

Once I got to his house, I briefly said hello to his parents and went to his room to play some more Hyrule Warriors. We had completed the main storyline about a month ago and he has been playing the rest of the game for fun. Or, at least, he’s suppose to be playing it for fun, but instead it brings him anger and rage and he kind of jumps from liking the game to hating it. Oh boy.

I was very insistent on playing the Master Quest map in the game because my favourite character to play, Cia, can only get a better weapon on that map. It took a while and a few rupee glitches to get us to the point where we could get her weapon. We did eventually. Hurricane also, so kindly, raised Cia up to match Link’s level (Link is his main player character).

I kind of alternated between having fun and being bored. There were a few points where I started to feel a bit sad and really just wanted to snuggle, but he was wary only because his parents were home and if he “shows too much personality”, his parents will act like rabid fangirls…yeeeeaaaah.

We did have a few chances to hug and kiss, but not too many because he’s so wary. I really kept wishing we could just go somewhere else so we could have some alone time. I really need him to just hug me with his skinny arms and rub his cheek against mine and just kiss me softly. We couldn’t do that though at his parents place. I’m not going to lie though — as much as him snuggling me would have helped with my sadness, video games were a good enough distraction. Especially since we got Cia her new weapon!

We had some cake, ate some popcorn, and I eventually came home to write the blog entry announcing my plans for the next few months. After that, I started asking myself: what can I do now to relax? My aim for the rest of this month is to relax and have fun, after all!

I decided to make some dinner, while reading a book entitled The Witch’s Shield. I’m reading it for a variety of reasons, with a good chunk of it for inspiration for story writing. It’s actually really well written and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s my first time reading a book by this particular author and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of their works.

While I was reading the book, my stress headache started kicking in. I tried to calm it down by doing some meditation and trying to detach the book from my “work and study” mentality I have with it, but it didn’t really work. I’m pretty sure I need to put off reading that book until I decide to be more productive. I’m suppose to have fuuuun! Maybe I should go read some fiction or history.

After I finished making my food and went upstairs to eat, I decided to watch some videos on YouTube. I mostly watched The Game Theorist talk about why eSports are real sports. It’s a pretty good video.

Once that was done, I poked around YouTube a bit more before heading downstairs to take a bath. I’ve been kind of getting into a habit of taking a bath as a way to kind of calm me down and relax. It’s not really as relaxing as I wish it does, but I definitely feel like a good portion of dirt and grime were washed off of me.

Since I had to wait for the bath to fill (I have to use the shower head because the bath facet doesn’t like to give me hot water), I decided to continue reading The Power, which is book number two in The Secret series. I thought the first book was kind of interesting, but overall okay. It wasn’t until The Power that everything started making sense. (I do think the books can be a bit too…fluffy at times, but I really like its core message. It’s a GREAT one!)

Once the bath was filled, I poured some sea salt mixed with essential oils into it, swirled around the water, and got in. It felt really good! After hanging out in there for quite some time, I actually bothered to read The Power while just sitting in there! That was nice.

After that, I came back upstairs, watched more YouTube videos, uploaded the image I used for the banner to Patreon and queued it on deviantART, and finally decided to write an entry for today.

Did I relax today?

Kind of.

Did I relax as much as I wanted to?


I think part of the issue is that there’s a lot of stuff that I do that I view as a type of work, so if I’m not careful, that’s what it will be. For instance, I consider The Witch’s Shield to be part of my personal studies in different areas of my life (huge chunk is storytelling, but there’s some spiritual stuff thrown in there too), therefore it is seen to me as something I’m learning. While learning can be fun and relaxing, I’m honestly a bit too clogged right now to do that.

Even The Power isn’t really much better in this aspect, but I don’t really have as much as a “personal study” attachment to it as I do The Witch’s Shield.

A part of me thinks I should go read fiction. Maybe some manga. I know I have a bunch of series just waiting for me to continue reading them.

Okay, I’m going to bed now. Good night! I’ll write again tomorrow! Hopefully.

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