[WEBSITE | RAMBLES] Comic Subsite: WordPress or Manual?

Among the list of subsites to do during Phase 2, my comics subsite is one of them. It’s meant to be the easiest portal to all of my comics so you can locate them all relatively quick. It will link to one shots and to longer series. If I can, I want extended series information, some minor behind-the-scenes notes about it, and downloads of the finished chapters/volumes.

When I created the previous version of my subsite, I was manually putting in the layout. However, per some peoples’ suggestions, they said I should get a WordPress and just post it up on there. It’s advice I decided I would take this time around, but…there’s just a few small issues.

It’s actually what has brought me back to my personal debate about whether or not I would like to do my comics subsite manually OR if I should just install WordPress.

You’d think WordPress would be simple if I found the right layout or the plug-in, but nooooope. Nope. Not that simple, not that simple at all.

I actually began to work on the comics subsite. I wanted just the basics up so I could work on it full force later and have part of it down. I decided to go with ComicPress (outdated website here/Wordpress.org here), since it appeared to be the best choice. I installed the theme, I installed the plug-in it told me to, and decided to do a test run by uploading a few of my very, very, VERY old comics.

That’s when I realized that, you know, maybe I shouldn’t have listened to all those people saying I should use WordPress.

I mean, I suppose WordPress is a great option for a lot of things, including for comics, but it seems like it’s really only good for a continuous series or comic strips. It’s not good for a mixture of standalone one-shot, one-page comics and longer, storytelling comics. As far as I can tell, even if I divide up the stories and whatnot, Comicpress and all the plugins I found treat it like all the comics link together, when they don’t.

I’m not quite sure how I would be able to separate the pages like I want to — let the non-connected stories be alone on individual pages, while on-going ones can be on the same page. It doesn’t seem like ComicPress can do that. If I’m wrong, please, someone tell me or give me suggestions. Otherwise, I think to get what I want out of a WordPress Comic site, I would have to code it myself and I’m soooo not there yet.

If I choose not to go with WordPress for the troubles I listed above, I do think manual is the way to go. Okay, sure, it will be time consuming, but that really can’t be helped. I’ll be able to get the kind of comic site I want if I do it that way. I’ll be able to incorporate everything I want in a comic site if I just do it manually, despite all the hard work.

Really, the only reason not to do the manual comic site is the hard work. I’m willing to do that hard work though just to get the kind of site I want.

I did try to look for some webcomic managing systems, but it seems like all of the ones that had existed no longer do. That’s kind of sad.

I think I’m going to have to go manual and on my own.

I’ll continue to think about it though.

I know some of you might want to suggest hosting my comics somewhere, such as SmackJeeves. I DO plan on doing that, but I want something right on this actual website of mine to be the first place. Other sites will come later.

If anybody has any tips or whatever about ComicPress to make it do what I want, you’re welcome to tell me in the comments or whatever. Thank you!

See ya next time!


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