This is a really informal review, hence why I called it a “mini-review”. If you like the printer as I’m talking about it, you can grab it for yourself here. Anyway, enjoy this review of the Epson WF-7610.

Alright, so, for the longest time, my printers have been by HP. I got my most recent HP printer a few years ago. I remember at the time, I wanted to throw the old one off the deck and smash it to pieces just because I felt like it (I never did that though). However, I feel like the HP printer I ended up using for the longest time actually deserved that, rather than the previous one.


At a glance, the HP all-in-one was okay. I could print the typical paper size for here in America and I could print as small as an index card. Pictures printed out rather well too, as long as they were printed on quality paper. If they weren’t, they looked rather meh though. So, what was the problem? 

1.) It’s a wireless printer. Wireless printers aren’t bad when they work well, but if they don’t, they suck. Unfortunately, this HP all-in-one fell into the “suck” category. I don’t know when it started, but I had to unplug the printer (shutting it down was originally not enough) and replug it back in to simply scan or print something. Not to mention, if I wasn’t fast enough, the connection between my printer and my computer would drop for whatever reason. At some point it DID get a bit better and I only had to shut it down, but still…I shouldn’t have to be restarting the printer to print or scan in the first place.

2.) It’s not really the fault of the printer, but my watercolour paper doesn’t fit. Watercolour paper appears to, particularly for the paper pads, comes in 9 in. x 12 in., which was too small for the printer. I don’t do watercolour TOO often, but when I do, I would definitely appreciate being able to scan the entire image. That would be nice.


And, last but not least

3.) Darn photos would never center. I would ask for centering, but noooope. It’d ALWAYS be off. I couldn’t even find a way to fix it.

So, with a combination of those three (mostly the first one because it was SUCH an inconvenient problem; I’m thankful that I even had a scanner/printer that worked, but I definitely would’ve preferred one that wasn’t so stupid), I started to think about getting a different printer. Of course, I didn’t know what to get.

I originally wanted an industrial-sized printer, but between the pricing and knowing it’s not really something I could put to great use right now, that was shelved.

I think I was browsing websites on how to make keychains with my artwork on it when I came across a few people talking about how they made their art prints. Several of them mentioned having a “good Epson printer” and that ultimately directed me to Epson as the printer for me to consider.

Why the WF-7610?

WF-7610 is part of Epson’s Workforce line. They have two other lines two: Home and Creative Pros.

I ultimately picked the Workforce line and WF-7610 based off of:
– having a wide-bed scanner, being able to scan up to 11 in. x 17 in. (a.k.a. I could actually scan an entire watercolour picture on a 9×12 piece of paper)
– having large paper printing (up to 13 in. x 19 in.)
– boasts “print shop quality” (which, based off the reviews, seems to be accurate)
– water-resistant prints

The first three REALLY drew me in though.

I felt like it was a good compromise to my desire for an industrial-sized printer.

It would allow me to make my own prints at home, either for myself or, what I eventually want to do, sell them, without having to go through a 3rd party. (I think it may theoretically be cheaper INITIALLY, but more expensive in the long run; however, I just like to do things myself for as long as I can, harharhar, so even if it is more expensive, I still do it myself).

I ordered the printer on March 7th, which was several months after I originally wanted to purchase it. It arrived on my birthday that morning, shortly before leaving for Massachusetts. I may not have mentioned it with the rest of my gifts, but it certainly was my favourite present of the day, but in SUCH a different way than everything else.

I ended up sitting on the floor and hugging the box, squealing I was so happy! I really wanted to go and try it out before running off to Mass., but that obviously didn’t happen. I had to wait until that night to use it.

Thoughts & Reactions

My first thought: THAT BOX IS HUGE.


My second thought: THAT BOX IS SO BIG.




Answer: Yes, yes, and yes.


Okay, so the printer isn’t exactly as big as the box, but almost. It certainly was big enough to make my mouth drop with excitement and touch the sexy beast of a printer!

The first thing I noticed, believe it or not, was the automatic document feeder tray, which was not only significantly larger than the HP one, but felt better made.

The second thing I noticed was that the scanner bed was much larger than I was imagining. SO much larger. I expected the watercolour pad to still reach the very edges, but as you can see, that’s not what it did:






Everything else though was pretty normal, but just…better than my HP printer. I particularly liked the paper tray — it was a bit confusing at first, as there’s so many ways to adjust the tray. Once I got it though, it was easy. I really liked that the screen on the printer asks you what kind of paper you put it so it can adjust itself. Super cool!


I really only printed out one picture so far on it, just simply as a test. I didn’t really notice a difference in quality on the plain piece of paper between the Epson and the HP, but I didn’t really have a picture to compare it with side-by-side. What I DID notice, however, was that the Epson printer is fast. REALLY fast.

Like, super speedy blink-twice sort of fast.

My HP one took its pretty little time. Not the Workforce, no siree! It works hard and it works fast.

I didn’t have a chance to try the borderless printing until now. I decided to try the following image as 4 in. x 6 in., since that’s the only photo paper I have on me.


Did it work?



However, some of the image gets cut off and most certainly requires use of the rulers in an image-editing program for the bleeding areas. Once I adjusted the graphic to be within a certain area, it printed out perfectly — the only thing that cut off were the bleeding areas. IMG_1663

The border-printing, however, does not have that issue and is perfectly centered.


I may do some research on the imaging to see if I can fix the borderless issue. If not, I now know all my prints are going to have to stay within a certain area and, do you know what? That’s perfectly fine.

The images, while look beautiful at a distance, are a bit blurry up close. However, this may be more of an issue of the image itself (DPi was only set to 300; I may have to try 600 DPi next time) rather than the printer, but I’ll have to experiment with that more.

I did notice in the initial prints, there were lines going through the artwork. However, that seems to be the ink just starting to come out, rather than a long time thing. The last two prints appeared nearly flawless.

Overall though, am I happy with my purchase? No, not yet. However, I think I will be in the future. I’m already super satisfied with the multiple sizes it offers and the larger scanner bed. Oh, and that it hasn’t disconnected yet from my computer. That’s a plus.

I’ll try to do another review in the future of the WF-7610, after I’ve used it for a while. See you then!

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