[FOOD] A Sudden Taste for Salad

Whenever I tell somebody that I’m vegetarian and they’re open-minded enough to accept that fact, they often will offer me salad. When I refuse and inform them I don’t eat salad, they remark, “you don’t eat salad? but you’re vegetarian!”. Yes, I am vegetarian. However, no where does it say I am required to like salad. Okay, so a salad might be good for an added variety to my diet, but salad just doesn’t settle with my taste buds. When I have those leafy, lettuce greens, I have to gulp them down with a sickening taste because it tastes so bad, even with salad dressing!


It was like that every time I ate salad, except for the past two weeks.

My tastes buds seem to have temporarily adjusted (I say temporarily because I no longer desire salad for this particular moment) to salad.

It all started with the Insalata Salad at Bertucci’s that they give out for free during their lunch hours. Every time it comes out, I always have a bit. It’s partially because I feel bad that they bring it out and it’s most likely going to be left uneaten and partially because it has a delicious mix of vegetables I like on it. I can’t resist those tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers! I pretty much just picked those out with a minor bit of actual lettuce and chowed them down. I eventually started to eat a bit more salad, but not too much more.


Then I went to this local restaurant called The Stone & Paddle, which is a pizza/sandwich/bar place. The in-house salad was tempting me from the list of onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and I gave in. It’s probably a really good thing I did too — the crunchy romaine lettuce, the savory onions, the juicy tomatoes, the delicious cucumbers, and the balsamic vinaigrette made for a combination that won over my taste buds. The balsamic vinaigrette did a grand job helping to bring out the flavours with its sour, but sweet taste, however, the salad was good on its own too! I loved the salad so much, I went back the next day for one!

Since then, if there was a salad on the menu with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, I was going to order it.

I didn’t really do it too often — I think the next time I did it was at Chili’s, which gave me this great idea to put shredded cheese on my homemade salad (yay for making my salad even less healthy than before), then after that I made a delicious salad at home and questioned how come restaurants have better tasting, less fall-apart juicy vegetables. I also ordered a salad on my birthday and, most recently, another salad at Stone & Paddle, where I realized I think I was over my salad eating at this particular moment.


I think my body just wanted to eat something cleaner than greasy foods or something heavy, so it went for the salad. I think it was a good counter to my emotions at the time and I probably needed it. Of course, I could be totally wrong and my taste buds just wanted something different, harharhar.

I don’t know.

So, do I still want to eat salad?

I don’t know. Not right now, but I hope I will want to again soon — I bought stuff to make salad with, after all, and I don’t want it to go to waste!

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