[PERSONAL | RAMBLES] The Gifts of My 23rd Birthday

In my last post, I pretty much skipped over writing about my gifts, simply because I felt that it wouldn’t have fit the flow of the post. That’s why I’m doing it now. I wasn’t really showered with gifts or anything like that and ultimately, I didn’t get too many things. However, I feel like the greatest gift of all was, perhaps, the fact I had people willing enough to spend time with me and a beautiful boyfriend who went ahead and did his best to put together a party (while synonymously creating an excuse to hang out with his friends, which he won’t admit, harharhar).

I think to start this post, talking about the gifts other people gave me seems like the best idea.

My dad gave me his birthday present and my paternal grandparents’s present a few days before, just in case he didn’t see me on my birthday. Both of them gave me money and this post is reminding me I still gotta call the latter (I wonder if they’re on Facebook; my maternal grandparents are and it’s great). Oops.

I ended up spending some of the money to buy pizza, but I’m saving the rest to buy me the Japanese edition of the New 3DS, along with a few games I’ve been meaning to grab.

The night before my birthday, my mom handed me a envelop that felt like it either was a thick card that played music or there were a hefty amount of gift cards. I was expecting the former, but luckily for me, it was the latter! I was super surprised about the gift cards, but also super happy! I already used the Amazon gift cards to purchase myself an 18th century Women’s Basic Clothing pattern, a 12 pack of Simply Organic French Onion Dip mix, and I pre-ordered the newest Monster High movie, Haunted. I also bought a few things on iTunes already as well, but have reserved most of it for a couple of things (mostly manga purchases through the VIZ app).


Daniel, Philly, & Jacob all gave me a card (which the three of them, plus the pretty boy, signed). Philly & Jacob gave me a drawing that Jacob did of Frankie Stein, which came out GREAT! Daniel gave me a $25 iTunes gift card, which helped me become confident enough to actually buy manga with my gift cards this time around. I haven’t bought anything yet, since I’ve honestly been too tired to make any carefully selected choices, but that’s okay.


My birthday money from my maternal grandparents also FINALLY arrived today. I’m super happy about it! THANK YOU, GRAMMA AND PAPA! I’m sure one of you will be reading this, but I’ll still thank you over Facebook anyway!


Okay, so, the last bit of gifts I received were all from myself.

Yes, I bought myself gifts.

I know that might seem ridiculous, but I wanted to do that. I just had a feeling I wasn’t going to really get any physical gifts this year other than gift cards. On top of that, I felt like…it was just right for me to buy myself gifts. I could buy myself what I wanted for my birthday and, quite frankly, that was great. The items initially started off as something I simply just wanted & not for my birthday, but I eventually decided, hey, I want these as my birthday presents!

I made the pretty boy wrap all of them in some awesome Monster High wrapping paper that made me swell up in joy and reminded me how pretty I think the ghouls are. Geez, they are GORGEOUS.


Anyway, the first presents I purchased for myself were two Monster High vinyls of Frankie Stein and Cleo de Nile, which I picked up from the Walmart I work at. I didn’t even know they were out yet! I remember I wanted them when I first saw them, due to a mixture of cuteness and their gorgeous hair that reaches the floor. (If it wasn’t obvious from my fan character, Kelly, I really, really like super long hair.) I plan on keeping them in the boxes for right now, especially how cute the Skullette design is on them, but that may change when I get my own place.


After that, I bought myself three Monster High dolls. I started with the Twyla one, based off her appearance in Haunted, but eventually picked up both the Original Favourites Draculaura and the Haunted Draculaura. I didn’t have either one of these two ghouls in my (rather small) collection yet, so I grabbed them. I felt like it was appropriate to grab Draculaura finally, as she was originally the ghoul who stole my heart.

Okay, so I wanted the three of them as well because I just felt my Kiyomi and Vandala dolls were just so lonely with just the two of them and they really, really, really needed some more friends and, unfortunately, the rest of my Monster High dolls are packed away. Oh, and I really want to sew more and practice some historical clothing and I decided that Draculaura should be my victim since she’s lived for about 1,600 years, oh ho ho ho. (Sadly, I may not even open them right now because I’m not quite sure if I want to put them on my computer desk shelf or not yet!)


The last item I got myself was a Dedenne plushie. Dedenne is a plushie that a lot of people are confusing with Raichu, which is understandable. It has the same colour scheme. Except I think Dedenne is a heck of a lot cuter and more cuddly than that oversized rodent (not meant as an insult). I’ve been meaning to get one ever since I saw that my store had it, so I finally gave myself permission to grab it and I’m so glad I did!


Okay, so, it’s not Pokémon Center-plushie soft, but that’s okay. It’s still super adorable and I love it so, so, SO much.

Overall, I really enjoyed the gifts I got this year, especially the ones I got myself.

I realized too that my favourite gifts were the ones I got myself. It’s not simply because I bought what I wanted either — if ANYONE else had purchased them for me, I probably would’ve loved them less, for whatever reason. However, because I purchased them myself, I love them so much.

It’s not to say I wouldn’t like the gifts from other people — I do — I just think I love gifts from myself to myself more, as ridiculous as that sounds.

Thank you so much, everybody for all of your gifts! I love them so much! It’s highly appreciated, even if it doesn’t sound like I appreciate it.

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