[PERSONAL | MY DAY] My 23rd Birthday

My 23rd birthday was four days ago. I kind of figured to start my one-post-a-day, writing about it would be a good idea. I’m actually still really tired from it with good reason (you’ll understand why later in the post). It was different from what I was actually planning to do, but still really nice.

It’s all thanks to my beautiful partner, Hurricane360, who so kindly planned my birthday for me. I love you, honey bee!

A Week or So Before

Sometime in February, I very quickly realized that my birthday was next month (March) and I honestly hadn’t even figured out what I wanted to do. Did I want to ignore it? Or did I want to do something that didn’t involve going to work? I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion I wanted to spend my entire day with Hurricane360 and end it with a homemade spaghetti dinner.

Of course, I didn’t know at the time that the pretty boy was trying to plan a little party get-together for my birthday.

I ended up finding out on one day after work, when I was feeling a huge mess of negative emotions. I was driving around with him in the car that day and I was going from store-to-store in attempt to find a figure of Twyla that I REALLY want (my favourite rarely-there monster!!! ♥︎ I LOVE HER!) to help me distract my mind. When I sat in the car with the pretty boy, I glanced over to him and caught a glimpse of his phone as I was talking to him about my birthday plans.

I could see the hints of a surprise party being planned.

I was excited.

I kept pestering him and pestering him until he finally admitted — YES, he was planning a party. Our friends in the state above us — Daniel, Philly, and Jacob — were all going to come. AND he was planning a trip to our favourite restaurant, Bertucci’s.

I kissed him.

After that, I told him to hold off any additional details. I wanted to have the rest a surprise. I really just needed him to say “yes, we’re having a party” and for him to tell me how many people were going to attend.

Since I was SUPER EXCITED about the party, I decided to make party favours! I loved the idea of doing that so much, I went crazy looking for DIY party favour pins on Pinterest. There were a lot of cool ideas — I eventually settled on homemade party bags and glass magnets. I also did bookmarks, but I figured out how to do those without Pinterest, harharhar.

I began to make the party bags almost right away, with a cute pattern of my chibi selves and chibi Kelly. They came out pretty ugly (I have zero patience sometimes), but that’s okay. They do their job of holding stuff.

The Day Before My Birthday

I woke up early March 9th because I had decided I wanted actual party favours. Like, in addition to the ones I was making, I wanted a few others. I also wanted to pick up things I needed to make the magnets for the party favours.

I had decided the night before (I think?) that I was going to get Pokémon party favours. Probably obvious, but I’m a HUUUGE Pokémon fan, so that seemed right to me. However, Pokémon isn’t as wide-spread in terms of stuff beyond the games/toys/card game, so I couldn’t just walk into any old store to find Pokémon-themed party favours.

I took a wild guess though that the classic Party City would still carry them. I recalled that they had Pokémon-themed party stuff when I went in one year, when I thought nobody carried stuff like that anymore, and decided it was worth a shot. I checked their website just to see if anything Pokémon came up, and YEP! It did! I started to plan out what I was gonna get — that 48 piece party favour set, the awesome glowsticks with Pikachu printed on them, and a ton more awesome, cheap stuff.

So, on March 9th, at 11 AM, I headed on over to Party City. When I walked in, I immediately could tell why they would still carry Pokémon-themed party stuff — all the music they were playing was from the ’90s or early 2000’s! It was nostalgia overload!

Erm…anyway, I went over to the Pokémon party stuff and found everything but the cheap plastic cups I was looking for! After that, I began to think — what else could I fill my party favour bags with that everybody would enjoy?

Pretty much came down to:
– Bubbles (Monster High-themed)
– Finger Traps (they have a nostalgia feel to them, I swear)
– Crazy Straws (who DOESN’T like crazy straws?)
– Monster High-themed Cream Candies
– Wall Climbers (STICKEEEEH MEEEN)
– I don’t even remember

All in addition to the Pokémon-themed party favours.

After Party City (I left shortly after they were playing “Be My Lover” by La Bouche — I told you, they play REALLY old music), I went over to Michael’s. I went there to find magnets to put on the back of the glass stones. Of course, being me, I didn’t just leave with the magnets (very rarely do I leave with just exactly what I went in for). I ended up picking up two paper punchers — a circle 1 inch paper puncher and a circle 5/8th inch paper puncher — and a paper trimmer. The paper punchers were 25% off (LUCKY ME!) and the paper trimmer was on clearance for $20. After picking those up, I hunted down the magnets, the industrial strength glue to attach them with, paid, and left.

I thought about going to another Party City for those plastic cups, but I decided against it since I had work in less than an hour. I headed home, dragged my huge amount of party favour stuff up the stairs and stuffed everything away except for what I purchased from Michael’s. Instead, I took one of glass stones I already started working on and attached a magnet to the back.

Since I still had plenty of time before work, I made my first set of magnets.


Gotta say — those paper punchers were definitely more helpful than I thought they would be. Made everything go by a lot faster AND it looks a HECK of a lot nicer!

After I made the first set, I had to go to work.

Work went by rather fast that day. I picked up a set of Monster High-themed party favours (they were stare at me every time I pass them — I actually think they were the ones that originally inspired me to have actual party favours), some large gift bags (I realized that my homemade ones were too small for everything I bought, oops), printer ink, and cookies.

I got home after midnight.

March 10th – Before the Party

I retreated to my work room shortly after I got home, determined to finish the party favours. I had printed out all the sheets I needed for the magnets and had the paper for the small party bags from earlier on the 9th. I just needed to print out the bookmarks and the pictures I was going to use on the bigger party bags, which I did much to the dismay of the pretty boy. He wanted me to come to bed with him, but I couldn’t because I had party favours I was determined to finish.

I began on the magnets first, since I knew those were going to take a while. Staring at the magnets kind of overwhelmed me, there were so many of them — I’m pretty sure there were 13 sets of 9 magnets. I started with cutting out the images, using the paper puncher (I first had to cut the pictures in squiggly rows though so I could get a good amount of the pictures punched), then I used Mod Podge (first time using that stuff) to hold down the images to the glass rocks.

I had to wait for the Mod Podge to dry, so I went ahead and worked on the bookmarks. I used the paper trimmer to cut them out and they looked BEAUTIFUL. No more awkwardly cut edges! Straight edges AAAAALL for me. Sweeeeet!

I also quickly decorated the larger gift bags as the magnets were drying. I decided to use the chibi versions of myself, alternating between my guy side and girl side. The bags weren’t meant to be boy/girl, it just looks that way from the outside (inside though, everything is the same).


Once I thought that the magnets were probably dry enough sometime after 4 AM, I began to glue on the second layer of paper to the magnets. I didn’t put paper on the back of the first set of magnets and the magnets ended up seeping through. I used my card stock paper just to be safe. Shortly after I finished, I began to put on the magnets…and I quickly realized I didn’t have enough.

Come 5:10 in the morning and I had to rush out to my Walmart to go get some extra magnet backings because, I WAS GOING TO FINISH THOSE MAGNETS, DANG IT.

And that’s what I did.

I finished them sometime after 6 AM, I do believe. Well after 6 AM.

I had to wait for them to dry (aaarggghhh), so I began to put the party favours into the bags. And trust me, when you have as many party favours as I did, it’s going to take a long time to put together. I had decided on 12 bags (the pretty boy said I should make 9 bags, so I upped it to 12, just to be safe), so I had 12 bags to painstakingly fill. My back kept hurting from all the reaching, even when I was barely bending. I eventually finished filling the bags with all types of ridiculous goodies that may or may not be thrown away sooner than later and started to put the remainder of my custom, small party favour bags together.


I finished sometime after 7 AM.

I then went into my mom’s room, opened the card she gave me hours before, and thanked her for the HUUUUUGEEEEE amount of gift cards she gave me (I was expecting one Amazon gift card, not two, plus an Olive Garden gift card, AND an iTunes one) before I headed downstairs to finally sleep after 8 AM.


I was then greeted by the pretty boy (Hurricane360), waking up and asking me what time it was. When I told him it was after 8, he was more or less like “let’s go get ready!” and I told him that I had to sleep.

You can probably imagine he wasn’t happy, especially after we had plans to head up to Massachusetts at 9 AM…

So, I decided I was going to take a power nap and he kept making annoyed comments about numerous things, like how our plans always go wrong and how he wanted to leave early and if we don’t get there in time, we won’t be able to walk around, blah blah blah. After partially dozing off, I eventually got angry enough to get up myself.

I ended up feeling dizzy a few times, with achy legs. I felt like I was getting sick, even though I know it was from the lack of sleep. I had been up for about 24 hours at that point and I KNEW that with the day that was planned for today, I wasn’t going to be sleeping any time soon. Maybe if I was lucky, I could squeeze in a power nap.

I cried a few times too, apologizing because it’s rather true that something always comes up, usually because of my laziness, that delays us going up. I also apologized because I HAD meant to go to sleep a lot earlier, but I was DETERMINED to finish those dang magnets. (The pretty boy suggested I should’ve went to sleep at 3, but I had to stress that if I did that, the magnets would NOT GET DONE; if I had done that, we would be leaving for Mass MUUUUCH later than we were planning, as oppose to the two hours later we ended up doing.)

After we had our showers, I laid down for a bit after begging for a slight bit more of sleep time. Whatever tiny bit I got was enough for me, because I was able to drive all the way up to Massachusetts perfectly fine.

March 10th – Party Time!


Alright, so, when I heard the pretty boy was planning a birthday party for me, I had a thought that he might be using the birthday party as an excuse to hang out with his friends. Like, I thought that we probably would insert my birthday somewhere, but it was just a way to get him to hang out with his friends because I have the tendency to tell him “no”, mostly out of laziness and time (it’s a 2 hour freakin’ drive there and a 2 hour drive back) and money, which is why I thought such things.

And were my suspicions correct?

Well, when we first got there, we kind of relaxed and said “hi” to Daniel, whose house we went to. I think we vaguely talked about the day, but I can’t quite remember. At some point the pretty boy and Daniel ran off to Daniel’s room to record a video. They asked me to join, but I decided against it — instead, I was going to reply back to birthday messages on Facebook and try to take a little nap on the couch. And that’s what I did. They ran off to go record their video and I stayed in the living room, on my laptop, replying to Facebook messages and listening to “Too Tan” by Billy the Butcher, just before dozing off to a light sleep.

IMG_4223 IMG_4224

After they were finished with the video and Daniel’s mother came home (who was apparently not informed that today was my birthday and everybody was making plans for it). Shortly after that, I had to drive to the train station with Daniel & Hurricane to go and get the remaining two guest of my party, Philly and Jacob.

Yeeeaaaaaah, let me tell you right now that I’m not particularly too happy that I had to drive on my birthday, minus on the way up to Mass. I was okay making that drive. It’s the little places that really displaced that this was a day “for me”. Granted, I was the only one in the group who drives and has a car, so….*sighs*

Anyway, when we came back, we tried to figure out what we were doing next — make a video with all of us, go out to eat, or walk around town. We ended up settling on walking around town, which Hurricane has been BEGGING to do for SOOOO long. We went out and started walking around the town, which isn’t exactly the prettiest place to be. I mean, I guess it was okay, but…meh.

I kept asking where we were going, which was CVS for reasons they wouldn’t tell me, but I could pick up on (presents, PRESEEEEENTS). After that, I asked where we were going and they were all just like “eh, don’t know”.

During our walk to CVS, the pretty boy’s high-on-himself meter seemed to be turned up, because he started saying “oh, I want to visit some friends”…honey bee, you’re WITH friends. And it turns out, he wanted to visit friends from high school who worked at shops, but he wasn’t even SURE they were there. On the street, he did run into an old high school friend, with a very quick meeting and I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t introduce at least me. Even ignoring that it’s my birthday, WE ARE A COUPLE, DANG IT. Introduce ME. MEEEEEE. RAWR.

He got really bored when we went into a comic book store. He’s not really a geek, but I’m a geek, Daniel’s a geek, Philly’s a geek, and Jacob’s a geek as far as I’m concerned. While we were browsing the comic books, Daniel and I started to get into a conversation about light novels, which I think started with the Slayers ones. I mentioned I owned the first one or two in that series, and somehow, we started talking the Haruhi Suzumiya series. I was super excited to talk about light novels! I continued talking about them after we left the comic book store (they had soooo many old manga, SO MANY; so tempted to get El Hazard, but decided against it) and thought up this cool idea where Daniel, Philly, and I could have a little book club about light novels! They seemed to be fine with idea, even suggesting that each one of us takes a turn reading it aloud in a variety of voices. So awesome!

The pretty boy felt left out though, since he hates reading and books, but that’s okay. He eventually rejoined the conversation and I ended up being the one left behind.


Not just in conversation though.


Even when walking.



I’m probably too slow for most people and I was, very quickly, reminded why I love to go places by myself — the pacing. I can go as SLOW as I want by myself and check out the sights OR go as fast as I want to if I know what destination to go to. Some people might say that going places with people is entirely for the experience, but for me, an experience is lost when I go with other people. Yes, even my gorgeous, adorable pretty boy, I lose an experience. I honestly barely have an experience at all when I’m with other people. It’s the trips that are by myself that are, perhaps, the most fun. (I do, however, like groups for the concept of “safety in numbers”, but other than that…BY MYSELF.)

On the way back to Daniel’s house, he tried to take us on a shorter route, which made me walk even slower because of how terribly icy the sidewalks were. I know I live in New England and icy conditions are to be expected, but after falling twice in a row two years ago, I don’t want to do that again. I walk super slow over ice spots and if I can avoid them, I will. (Like, don’t get me wrong — I love the cold, I enjoy the snow…I just hate ice. Unless it’s with my drink.) The pretty boy walked far ahead of me with zero patience for my slowness, while Daniel and, eventually, Philly took my arms/hands and helped me across the ice until I was finally like “I’M JUST GONNA WALK ON THE REGULAR ROAD”. Daniel apologized for taking us this way, saying he didn’t realize how icy it was going to be.

In defense of the pretty boy, I probably would’ve walked far ahead too if I was impatient. Although, I think the only person I’d lag behind for maybe would be him, but overall, I would’ve done the same thing. Makes me sad, but it’s 100% true. I’m blessed with patience, but I’m also extremely impatient.

Anyway, when we FINALLY got back to Daniel’s, they wanted to go record a video, but we ultimately decided it was a much better idea to head to dinner. While everybody kind of unwinded from the walk and got ready to go out, I chatted with Daniel’s mother for a bit.

After that, we went to Bertucci’s! I got lost on the way there because the pretty boy gave me the wrong directions and I took a few wrong turns (unfamiliar areas, at night, while being tired is a horrible, horrible mix). Eventually we got on the right track and made it there. I felt kind of awkward because in addition to the presents I bought myself, we also brought in balloons. I was hoping the Bertucci’s was going to be fine with it, which it seems like they were.


We set up the table with the balloons and the waitress came over and asked who the “birthday boy” was. I raised my hand and she apologized (she didn’t really have to ’cause she’s about half right, but ignoring that), saying she should stop assuming that yellow & blue means boy as she was a “blue girl herself”. That surely cracked a smile on my face. I think more people need to recognize things like that! After that, another waitress came over and asked me about the weights holding down the balloons (she didn’t know you could buy them all showy like mine were).

We ordered our appetizers first — two mozzarella frittas (a favourite of me and the pretty boy), classic bruschetta and a in-house salad with no olives and the cheese on the side. Everybody seemed to be enjoying their food! I think for a bunch of them, the bruschetta was a surprisingly delicious appetizer. I knew it would be delicious (I can’t resist fresh tomatoes, garlic, and delicious balsamic glaze).


Our food came a long while after and I think we ate pretty quickly. The pretty boy was commenting about how he ate far more than he usually did, since usually when we out to eat, he usually only eats about half his pizza. Today though, he ate the entire thing and was still hungry! Everybody else though didn’t eat all of their meal like we did, so they got it to go.


At some point, while waiting for the waitress to come back over, we began to take a lot of goofy pictures. It was fun! After the waitress came back over, I asked her to take a picture of our group. I must say, I think it was the best set of pictures I’ve ever seen a waiter or waitress take before, harharhar.

Then we ordered dessert of two of the cookie sundaes the pretty boy & I always get. Bertucci’s sung happy birthday to me (TOTALLY SAW THAT COMING) and we…OH MY GOSH, I JUST REALIZED THAT THEY GAVE ME BLUE AND YELLOW CANDLES ON THE COOKIE ICE CREAM THING THEY GAVE ME, WHICH MATCHED MY POKÉMON BALLOONS. *cough*


I think I opened the gifts around this time, but I’m not sure.

Okay, erm, so we gobbled that up rather quickly, we paid (Philly, Jacob, and Daniel put in their portion, while I paid the rest), and left.


We went back to Daniel’s once again. They were hoping to do a video, but considering the time we went back, it was a bit too late and we all decided it was better to just leave, so that’s what we did. I dropped Philly and Jacob off at the train station, while the pretty boy and I headed home.

For the first time, I actually had to pull off at a rest stop to take a power nap because I felt like I was fading pretty quickly. The estimated arrival time on the GPS went from 11:54 to 12:18. I felt kind of bad because I know both the pretty boy and I wanted to get home before midnight (I was still hoping to make that pasta dinner), but…that didn’t happen.

When we arrived home, I went up to my work room almost straight away, primarily because I wanted to bring everything from that day up to it. I brought my printer and presents up. I input my gift cards into the apps/websites they needed to be. I think I set up my printer too, before I went back downstairs to sleep.

March 10th – Overall

I hate to say it, but the overall day was okay. It DID start off rather rocky and I didn’t like the fact I was up for over 24 hours. I do think the pretty boy honestly wanted to celebrate my birthday, while wanting to visit his friends. I think Daniel, Philly, and Jacob were trying to give me a pretty good birthday too. So, I thank them all for that and I’m happy they did that for me.

However, I think I just like even smaller parties than that and if I had to redo the day, I definitely would’ve gone with my original idea — spend the day at home with the pretty boy and ending it with a pasta dinner. I think that’s ultimately what I wanted to do.

Bertucci’s was nice though. Definitely my favourite part of the day.

I think the other thing that bothered me about the day was the fact I had to drive so much…I hate driving. Like, if I just drove up to Massachusetts and back home and that was it, that’s fine. That’s understandable. However, that’s not the only thing I drove to that day — I drove to pick up & drop off Philly and Jacob, as well as drove to Bertucci’s. I do understand that it’s something that can’t be helped, but…it made me feel like a chauffeur, rather than the star of the day (which even they were all saying I should be, but it sure didn’t feel like it).

It’s okay though, I kind of want to ignore my birthdays anyway. Everything merges and flows for me more often than not & my birthday is no exception.

(Thank you, the four of you though, for celebrating my birthday with me! I appreciate it!)

Welp, I guess I’ll see you in the next post~!

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