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I’m currently going through a type of “awakening” progress right now (it’s painful at times and I can’t handle pressure right now, among other things). It’s made me sluggish, unable to really work on or do anything. I’m still in the middle of that process right now. I’ve been repulsed by my computer for the past several day. I’ve been able to barely touch my TV or iPad because of it. I kind of have to be as isolated as possible.

I’ll write another post on waking up one day.

What I actually want to talk about is the idea of posting once a day.

I have business cards now (yaaaay! I’ll make a post on that when I have a chance). I’m honestly not too excited (I feel like I should be though), but that’s okay. It’s something to give people and, hopefully, encourage them to visit my website.

I already know that the easiest part to make active is my blog and I want to. On top of that, I want my blog to be part of my job in the larger scheme of things for myself. If I don’t act like it’s already my job, it definitely won’t be ever.

I mean, I don’t really expect anyone to visit my blog or for it to turn into my job — I have so many different categories and whatnot. However, I guess…I just want to act like it is. I know at the least, it will be the most active part of my website and the only place that could, perhaps, new content every-so-often.

I’m hoping to start post up one blog entry a day. It doesn’t really matter what it is — just one a day. It may be a queued post or it may be something I did that very day. Regardless, I want to post one a day.

It’s not going to start right now though. I’m still too weak right now and am still healing.

I’ll rise up again though, stronger than before.

I should probably talk about it…

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