[BLOG | UPDATES] New Layout!

Despite the fact that I have 3 more websites to fully complete, I decided to give this blog a bit of an overhaul. I originally wanted a magazine style layout and the layout I had previously, honestly, wasn’t quite doing it for me.

That’s where MH Magazine comes in.

I originally downloaded the Lite version, as well as another Magazine theme, because I thought the layout I was previously using was broken. The pagination wasn’t working on the previous layout, so I switched…and quickly found out that pagination was broken in general.

It seems that when WordPress updated to 4.1, it broke pagination. Luckily, there is a simple fix for it. I managed to fix it on the other layout.

Despite fixing it, there was something else bothering me: the desire to display category posts on the homepage.

I felt that my blog was a bit too convoluted without a layout that let me have columns that focused on different categories. I did originally have separate blogs for everything, but I ultimately decided just having one was good enough for me, as long as I could divide it up.

I decided the Premium version of MH Magazine was what I was looking for. It has plenty of spaces for focusing on certain post categories, it allows for multiple navigation menus (that way, I could have a regular ol’ page navigation and a category page navigation), custom colours, etc.

If you’re wondering the specific updates:
– BRAND NEW layout!
– Added the pages “Why Ads?” and “Japanese Resources List”
– Added a second navigation menu that is 100% categories; I actually suddenly remembered a whole bunch of categories I had that I once had forgotten, such as Food
– Added 3 spotlights: Recent Post, Random Post, and Popular Post
– Footer displays recent posts, recent comments, search bar, and meta for now; I will be providing Links later, once the rest of the website is fully completed
– Ads, Ads EVERYWHERE! Kind of. They’re towards the bottom of the page and at the sides of every page, under the “Archive” list

I think that’s it for now. I’m sure there will be minor tweaks, here and there.

I’m so happy I now have this layout. It’s actually more encouraging for me to post…especially in categories that aren’t getting much love for me (like food; seriously, I forgot that one existed).

Everything looks SO much better and so much closer to what I was imagining.

I’m also really enjoying the “Spotlight” posts, particularly the Random one. There’s a lot of entries on this blog and I forget about a lot of them. This is honestly such a great way to rediscover them! I find myself clicking and re-reading the entries. I’m hoping visitors will find them tempting to click on as well — it’s such a great place to start if you’re lost on where to begin.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Until the next update!

Oh yeah, by the way, WordPress 4.1 also broke Disqus and a ton of other things. Not cool. So, if you post anything, it’s gotta be on WordPress’s comments system. Fun. No logging into Facebook to post a comment for YOU.

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