Month: February 2015


I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. I’m sure there’s some errors here and there and some things will have to be tweaked, plus there’s still Phase 1.2 to do, but…Phase 1, the ACTUAL PHASE ONE is COMPLETE. Do you know what that means?! MY FIRST MAJOUR GOAL FOR MY WEBSITE IS FINISHED.

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[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Creative Works Subsite Up!

Despite the fact I have commissions to finish, just so I can reopen them soon, I’ve been working on my website these past few days. It’s primarily because I feel like working on Japanese, but just simply knowing that I have the first phase of my website almost finished makes me think I should work

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[BLOG | UPDATES] New Layout!

Despite the fact that I have 3 more websites to fully complete, I decided to give this blog a bit of an overhaul. I originally wanted a magazine style layout and the layout I had previously, honestly, wasn’t quite doing it for me. That’s where MH Magazine comes in.

[JAPANESE | RAMBLES] Making a Crumb into Bread – Part 3 – The End of Exploration (For Now) and…a plan?

Wow. Just, wow. I had this really dinky list of books I had at hand, since the rest were packed and a handful of cool websites from Nihongo-e-na! during part 2. Now I have this monstrous list (compared to before) full of MANY more books and SOOOO many more websites! I don’t even like sharing

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