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2015! It’s 2015! It’s a brand new year and you know what that means! Brand new “New Years Resolutions” that will never come into fruition! My New Years Resolution is…absolutely nothing. ’cause I think they’re stupid, if you can’t tell.

Instead, I use the new year to renew my goals and switch my focus. I view it as a reset — I have to let everything go from last year and let everything else come back to me. It may take a while to do that, but it always happens eventually. Usually not in the same way I intend to either.

Regardless if I am able to let go easily or not, I still have numerous goals I am aiming to do this year. Will I get them all done? No, probably not. Will I try? No. Will I do it effortlessly? If I’m suppose to, yeah, sure.

The Back Story

I have been waiting since early this year to come up with my 2015 goals. I tried very hard to hold back and only focus on my current goals, but the ideas of what they would be came to mind. The goals I were to focus on were so glaringly obvious, I opened up Evernote in November and wrote them down as if they were water spilling out of my hands.

In comparison to last year, where choosing my goals was7 as easy as using a plastic spoon to dig up concrete, my goal choices came easily. They settled with me correctly as, yes, do this! I was even able to create a loose plan guide with relative ease, with the lone exception to my work goals (I think I’m going to need some input).

I’m rather excited to share my goals with you and I hope you guys will support me!

Onward to the GOOOOOOALS of 2015!

Personal Goals – Projects


Just like last year and the year before, I am carrying over my goals once again. I didn’t finish any of my personal (non-work related) goals in 2014, so carrying them over is a must. That’s perfectly fine though: I knew that was going to happen and I’m fine with it. They feel like something I need to complete anyway, at least, as “complete” as I can get them, despite that everything is ongoing.

For a recap, my goals from last year, primarily, were:
– Website
Kelly’s Journey

I felt that it would be the right thing to have my goals in reverse this time around though. So, that means Japanese, Kelly’s Journey, and then my website.

Just to get my website goals out of the way, it’s simply just to finish all the pages. I’m fairly close to completing all of them and if I don’t get them all finished by the end of the year, I swear I’m gonna smack myself. I honestly feel like it wouldn’t even take more than 3 months, unless I’m lazy and procrastinate, which will most likely happy. *sighs* Oh, me. I gotta stop being so laaaazy!

Then, we get back to my two larger goals: Kelly’s Journey and Japanese.

Kelly’s Journey is more or less the same as last year. However, instead of aiming for 10 episodes, I am aiming to get to episode 30 (I’m currently on episode 24, so it’s not like I’m super far away). Once I get to episode 30, I plan on switching back to the early episode rewrites and the editing. I’m expecting this to take the entire year, especially with how tiring writing it sometimes gets, but that’s okay. If I CAN do more episodes, GREAT! If not, that’s okay too!

If I end up writing up to episode 30 and get all the rewrites/edits completed, I will be aiming to write up to episode 35. If I get up to episode 35, then I will aim for episode 40 (and, oh man, I cannot wait to get up to that episode, just because that’s a lot of chapters!).

As for all the extra stuff I would eventually like to do with Kelly’s Journey, as detailed in last year’s post, they’re not going to happen unless I get a strong feeling to work on them. So, don’t expect any sort of side stories, comics, or the website this year.

…okay, maybe the comics.


After everything else is done.

Overall though, I will be focusing on writing the actual episodes and rewriting the older ones.

Japanese is also more or less the same as last year. My overall aim is to complete Genki II, which is the second volume of the textbook series I have been using. I’ve been on lesson 16 since 2012 and I want to move on, DANG IT! I’m close to finishing the book too, which makes me want to get back to it even more! And don’t you dare even get me started with all the games I play in Japanese that just tease me every time I see them. I WANT TO READ ALL OF YOU!

Before I begin working on the remainder of Genki II though, I plan on doing a review. I am fairly confident that I remember a majourity of what I’ve previous learned, but it’s just filed away in my brain and will take a somewhat heavy review to bring it all back up again.

Japanese isn’t really a huge project, but most certainly a time consuming one. I’m honestly still trying to figure out the details beyond “finish Genki II” and “review”. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Japanese is set to be my primary goal this year, with the highest priority level. Kelly’s Journey is my secondary goal and my website is my third. I’ll probably argue that the goals this year seem actually really easy in comparison to last year, despite more or less being the same goals.

Personal Goals – Filler Goals

Despite having three goals I want to work on, I may inject other goals in between my primary goals. I kind of realized sometime last year that I can always work on another goal in between my other goals to give variety. I had gotten bored of just working on two goals and switched my focus to a different one I had wanted to work on. There’s nothing that says I can’t do that, so I intend to have “filler goals” or “back up goals” just in case I get bored.

Unfortunately, because of my mother’s insistence on packing up everything, I don’t really have much else to work on. I suppose my filler goals will simply be anything I can do on my computer…sooooo, artwork, artwork, artwork, artwork, and maybe…artwork. And dancing. And artwork. Yeeeaaah…*sighs* Ah well. It’s not like I don’t have artwork to do.

Oh, and then there are some free classes I have involving web design and coding that I’ll probably work on too. I do want to learn more of that stuff, after all. I may bump these up a bit and rest them in between the “primary” and “filler” goals, since they are kind of important to me in a this-is-my-schooling sort of way, I suppose. I don’t know. Still trying to decide.

Personal Goals – Non-Project


Two things:
1.) save money
2.) figuring out housing situation

I think I’m already working on saving money. I’ve been reducing my spending on everything, putting money away, blah blah blah. I’m constantly adjusting and monitoring myself now with what I spend, asking myself if I really need it. I still have to work a bit harder to do that, but it will happen.

The housing situation…well, umm…I don’t know. I first have to play it by ear. I know the reasons why I can’t get a mortgage now and I know why I can’t afford to rent anywhere right now. I know the steps I need to take to get either one of them. I also do not feel that it’s something I need to focus on right now. If I focus on it, it will be wasted time and effort. I’m sure a lot of people are probably thinking “there’s no such thing as perfect timing”, but I’m more of waiting for my instincts to give me an okay about moving forward.

That being said…I primarily need to save up money. I hope I can save up more than I could imagine I would. I hope.

Oh, I suppose another goal would be converting mine and the pretty boy’s cellphone over to a different service…but that can happen any time, right?

Work Goals

My only, overarching goal at work is to get better at my job position. A lot of it is getting over my fears and speaking up more often, but I still need to continue watching and judging what is the best response to a situation. Otherwise, words will be bounced back at me. It’s annoying. Ah well, there’s a reason I don’t talk.

Granted, some of the not talking is for reserving my energy because it’s not worth wasting it at work.

Goal Scheduling

Yes, I have goal scheduling this year too! This only applies to my personal project/filler goals.

Last year, I wanted to try assigning projects to days and on those specific days, I work on them. The scheduling was per suggestion of my boyfriend and I finally tried to give it a shot…which failed immediately. I don’t even remember getting around to it. The closest I got to it was late this year, where I was alternating between goals like a never-ending cycle, which worked quite well.

If I am going to do any special scheduling for my goals, there are two ways I may try.

The first way is the alternating between goals in a never-ending cycle. I need to have a list of my goals — including filler goals — and work on them, up to two hours at a time. If I end up going to sleep, I wake up the next day and continue with the cycle. It would give me enough variety and a long enough break.

My second option is dividing months into two parts. For the first two weeks of a month, I focus on one goal, and then for the second half, focus on another one. I probably won’t be like…super strict where I’ll be like “I CAN ONLY DO THIS FOR THE ENTIRE DAY, RAWR”, but allow myself flexibility in the goals. For instance, if Japanese are weeks 1 & 2 and Kelly’s Journey are weeks 3 & 4, but I feel like working on some artwork during both of those works or working a bit on Kelly’s Journey during week 1 after I complete my Japanese tasks of the day, I can.

I would like to try these both, but I doubt they are going to happen.

Housing Thoughts


I am personally hoping I can get my place this year. I’m sure that is a stretch, but I genuinely hope I can. I hope it is somewhere I can afford, suits my needs, has a washer & dryer right inside the place, and is in a safe area. I have wanted to leave my parents for a very long time and it makes me sad that I am not in position to do so. I have tried very hard to before, but it has not happened yet. I hope this year, I will be able to.

I feel like if I was away from my parents, I will be free. I even have gone so far as wishing to disown them, which, not going to lie, is still on the table. It’s not like they are mean to me or anything…I just feel like I can’t be truly free as long as I am around them. I don’t feel like I can become the person I truly am staying with them.

One of my old friends recently shared a personal-discovery story with me, which has reminded me I wish to do the same. There’s parts of me I know are there — I can feel them — but haven’t been able to explore them yet, at least, not to the extent I need to. Sure, some of that is laziness, but some of that (especially recently) is the desire to be a “good kid” and repressing myself.

I hope that if I get my own place, it will be a step towards my own self discovery and I will end up free to do what feel right to me. It’s so hard for me to do that right now, especially more so because I feel like pieces of me have been taken away because we have to pack so this house can “sell”.

I’m just waiting for the day I can explore further and stop being blocked primarily by parents (even though, I know they’re not intentionally doing it).

I hope my boyfriend will stick by me and help me, just like I hope he’ll let me help him when it comes time for him to discover himself.

I hope to get that freedom soon.


I’m looking SUPER forward to this year, despite how I kind of dread the whole housing situation and wishing I could do more. However, I know the goals I have listed are all things I personally need to do. I think they will help me in the long run, I just don’t know it yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing how 2015 turns out, even if it ends up sucking. Now I can’t wait for 2016.

Would anyone else like me to post monthly progress updates? I know I would LOVE to do that, but…I need you guys to actively read this site. I’d also appreciate it if you’d comment…but that’s just me. (Not that anyone reads these…)

I may just do that anyway until I fail.

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