[RAMBLES | YEAR OVERVIEW] Good-bye, 2014! It’s been a pretty good year!

It is the 31st of December 2014 and the last day of the year! Tomorrow will be not only a new day, but a new year! I’m actually rather excited, as a new year for me equates to a new focus. I may not be working on anything new, but what I focus on may be different. However, before I get into what my goals or aims of this year are, I would like to take some time to talk about this year.

Before reading on, I recommend taking a good look at my rather late goal posts from last year: my overall goal post and my Kelly’s Journey specific goal post. I will be referencing both of them within this entry. This post is a response to myself earlier in the year/last year, more or less.

Goal Decision, 2013


Yes, I am heading back to 2013. It was the year I got a job, knew what I wanted to aim for in that job, and knew I wanted to do SO many things in 2014. So much so, I had difficulty weeding out what I wanted to do. Nothing struck me as the right thing to work towards and everything was begging me to focus on them.

Eventually I had settled on carrying over my goals from 2013 of finishing my website and working on Japanese, along with working on Kelly’s Journey, novel writing (specifically during NaNoWriMo), additional Japanese studies, completing a new back catalog of artwork, and any other small thing that wouldn’t really require too much dedication or something like that.

I knew finishing my website, finishing Genki II (Japanese Language learning textbook), and Kelly’s Journey were going to be at the very tip of my priority list.

I also decided for work, I was going to take the leadership test so I could become a customer service supervisor.

One of the most important decisions I made for 2014 was to not get upset if I didn’t complete all my goals. I let myself know it was alright if I didn’t complete everything. This is probably a really good thing too, especially since I keep telling myself a big lie that I can do all this stuff in a year. Pffft. Silly me.

2014 Goals and the Progress



I have to start with work. I took the leadership test before I even had the goal blog entries up. I honestly aimed simply just to take the test and do nothing more, expecting that I would have to be with the company for a minimum of two years to become a CSS. I’m glad my expectations were wrong though — about a year and a month after I began to work there, I became what I wanted to be! I’m a CSS and I LOVE my job! I still love it at it’s core, even though the people I work with sometimes make me miserable and I sometimes really want to call them stupid, but I keep my mouth shut because it’s not like I’m any better.

I don’t think I would have even gotten this far if it wasn’t for the support of everyone and I think I would try to leave if it wasn’t for the people who like having me there. I’m so glad to be in that position! Thank you, everyone who supported me and supports me now!

Go figure though, it’s the only goal that reached 100% completion and went beyond what I was aiming for this year. Geez. I think having all that support really helped.


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 12.49.38

I started this year out with working on my website and focusing on Kelly’s Journey — both rather large projects I knew I definitely wanted to do. I unintentionally shoved Japanese aside, but it just seemed less important than both of these other projects.

My website has about three pages left to fully complete, with TWO almost completely finished. I feel like I would have been able to finished the website this year, if only I had put this blog’s custom layout aside. I was so hard pressed and determined to make my own layout for it, I kept dragging it out because of stubbornness. Once I let that stubbornness go and just went with a slightly modified WordPress layout, the rest of the website pretty much flowed up until the file conversions, which I’m still slowly working on.

I’m personally pretty happy with my website progress. This is the farthest my website has ever gotten to completion and I am looking forward to the day I am able to launch it, ready to be updated whenever I’m ready and ready to accept peoples’ curiosity about me. I think the only layout I REALLY want to redo is the commissions website, which I feel is too congested and really confusing. I can do that in time though — it’s not like the information isn’t all there. I think it’s good enough for now.

Kelly’s Journey


I aimed to write 10 episodes of Kelly’s Journey, as well as rewrite/edit all the episodes prior to it. I also wanted to write several side stories, draw some comics, and redo the website for it. There were a lot of things I wanted to do for this project and honestly, I don’t think I did too badly. I started off really well, switching between the new episodes and old episode rewrites. I eventually pushed the old episode rewrites aside in order to get further with the new episodes. I also didn’t touch the side stories or the comics — the side stories would take more planning than I wanted to work on for right now and the comics, well, I really needed a break from artwork. I DID touch the website, surprisingly enough, but only to put up a “coming back later” sign.

I ended up writing a total of 7 episodes completely (including the rewrites) and am almost done with an 8th episode. Not too bad, huh? I feel like I did as much as I could do, which may be a weird thing to stay.

Everything Else


I spent this year expecting the only things I was really going to end up working on was Kelly’s Journey and my website, despite having so, so, SO many other things on my goal list. I desperately wanted to work on Japanese, but I kept putting it off…until I got bored.

Yes, I got bored working on my main two projects and needed something different.

That’s where Japanese decided to pop up and give me a huge hug. It greeted me with a large smile and welcomed me back, as I cracked open my JLPT N5 prep book and began to work towards completing the study guide as a review. I didn’t entirely complete the study guide, of course, but I completed quite a bit. I also learned ~nikui and ~yasui, as well as completed one of my word lists I have sitting in Evernote and began another word list based off my two Genki textbooks.

So, that was a surprise. Okay, sure, it isn’t Genki II, but it’s still a heck of a lot more Japanese study than I thought I would even DO this year.


An even BIGGER surprise for me was artwork. Not my commissions — which I still have to complete — but just regular ol’ artwork. Artwork has caused me some great distraught in the past few years and I have been desperate for a break, in hopes to restore even a bit of my love for drawing. I occasionally doodled something, but I hadn’t done a more serious artwork in a while. However, about two or three weeks ago, I seemed to be bit by an artwork bug and began to work on that back catalog of mine I had expected not to touch. I did over 6 pictures within a week or so, much to my surprise, making a dent in my new back catalog. I really enjoyed doing this, probably because I wanted to. I even livestreamed! It was awesome!

I also sewed this year (two bags), I started working on a music track, cooked some food (which included ruining my mother’s crockpot — oops), and spent a ton of time with my beautiful boyfriend.

So, to an extent, to an extent, I managed to do a bit of ALL my goals for this year.

That’s kind of crazy.

I didn’t even realize that.

Okay, so, sure, it’s not to the extent I was expecting, such as sewing clothing, making at least one full music track, cooking delicious foods more frequently, and spending a ton of time with people other than my boyfriend, or completing a textbook, but still! Just the bit that I did is AMAZING.

I’m actually shocked that I have done everything this year…except novel writing. Totally forgot about that one. Oops. Does brainstorming short stories count? Regardless, I did everything except novel writing this year to an extent and personally, I think that is pretty dang amazing! I didn’t even realize to the extent I did everything until just now.

That’s hilarious.

Especially because I was simply amazed by the fact I did a bit of Japanese and artwork this year too.

That’s so awesome!

Lifey Things

I don’t really even know where to start with for my life this year. Perhaps the large amount of changes that have come about in my life. All of them required some sort of adjustment and perseverance. I feel like I hit a high point too in life this year, but it seems to be descending again, but I think the outcome may be bright when it comes back up.

The largest adjustment for me entirely involves my boyfriend, Hurricane. My original adjustment with him was simply having a boyfriend. I didn’t want to fall in love or be in a relationship or anything like that. Heck, I still don’t and I can still feel myself screaming inside to let me out. However, I was pretty much guided to him by the universe and he’s pretty much what I would say is ideal in a man. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to break up with him because of my inner struggle of having a boyfriend, but also wanting to be possessive of him and have him entirely mine. Obviously I eventually adjusted to having him as my boyfriend, because an even BIGGER change came along — he now lives with me. He started to in May, all because I was honestly too lazy to bring him back and it didn’t feel right. It has been an ongoing adjustment. There’s still quite a few bumps we need to smooth out about that.

Then I have my mother, who announced this year that she is selling the house. While I don’t have an issue with selling the house, I do have an issue with the living situation and just…my mom. My mother hates the house we are in now and is so desperate to sell it. She is so desperate to sell it, she feels the need to remind me that she wants it to sell really badly. She is convinced if she moves everything out of the house, every little thing, the house will sell. Nearly everything I own has been packed away and I feel like I, personally, have begun to become repressed in a cage, while she talks about how having almost nothing in the house is “freeing”. Earlier in the year, my mother’s pressure to move made me try to find a place of my own, but I quickly realized that I can’t do that yet. I tried for a mortgage, but can’t get one. I looked for a place to rent, but everything is FAR too high. The future makes me anxious, the present makes me frown, and the past makes me miss it.

Even today, she made me pack even more, convinced with the new paint job that the house is going to sell. I feel like she is clinging to straws. I already regret packing everything else. I didn’t want to pack any more.

I’ll talk more about the whole moving thing in the next post.

My job too has been an adjustment, but that’s pretty disconnected from the rest of my life, as if it’s in a little box right now…which is probably a good thing.

Oh, another change is that I started paying my own car insurance and I now get anxiety from spending money and am being cautious on how I spend it. Yaaaaay for having a boyfriend who pretends to be in pain whenever anything goes over fifty dollars.

For things that weren’t quite changes, but still really awesome, I met another online friend this year in person and it was so wonderful! I just hope we get to see each other in person again. Australia is just so far away though.


I feel like this year was actually pretty good and rather productive, all things considering. Okay, sure I didn’t finish my website, write all the episodes I wanted to do for Kelly’s Journey, complete Genki II, write a novel, or do any of that other stuff I was aiming to do this year, However, the amount of stuff I managed to do is much larger than I expected. Which is a great thing.

I also managed to become a CSS, which is wonderful. I also mostly got over having a boyfriend. I think the worst thing this year entirely has to do with the whole moving thing because it feels desperate and sparkly-eyed when it’s really an empty hope. Ah well.

Minus the housing situation and the few bumps with having a boyfriend, I think this year was rather good. I actually like the amount of productivity I had this year, despite not doing as much as I wanted to do.

Here’s hoping 2015 will be even better, despite it feels like I’m hitting an end of a book and the ending doesn’t look too good.

I hope all of you had a good year and that 2015 will be even better!

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Have fun!

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