[RAMBLES] My Faces When I Read What I Wrote

So, recently, I’ve been rereading Love Me Softly. It’s a novel I wrote in 2010/2011. So far, I’ve only completed one draft and haven’t worked on the series since. I do have some plans for the rewrite though! I’m actually pretty excited about the idea of rewriting the story. I hope I get to soon — it’s proved to be an AMAZING warm-up and a way to judge if I could go ahead and write a lot of words that sound pretty good. Which I can. Most of the time.

I seem to always go through the same pattern of emotions when I read the draft.

First is the “hey, this isn’t bad” emotion.


Then you get the “this is actually pretty good” emotion.


As you keep reading, you start realizing how cheesy what you wrote is. Up appears the “okay, that was stupid” face.


Then the “oh geez, this is cheesy in a bad way” face.


Your writing ends up so cheesy, you just have to put your head in it in the “ugh, this is so bad” sort of way.


Your last face is probably “I can’t believe I wrote this”, right before you switch back to one of the other faces.


I tend to find I make these faces because the overall piece is cheesy. Like, the writing isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just eye-roll worthy. It just makes me want to rewrite the entire book, since I KNOW I can do it better. It’s just going to take some tugging to do it right.

Have any of you experienced these emotions before, whether it’s in your own writing, somebody else’s writing, or something else entirely? I know I’ve done it to a few books before. They were almost too cheesy to bare.

(P.S. I apologize for the low quality pictures. They are from my iPad, on the screen-side camera.)

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