[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Creative Works Page Started

It’s just as the title says: I have started my Creative Works page.

Specifically, I started the template for it. It’s the basis of all the pages that are linked with this particular site and keeps them consistent, as well as prevents me from copying-and-pasting all the coding before hand. Templates are AWESOME!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.16.32

I’m not quite feeling the layout right now though.

I like the actual set-up of the layout (the two navigation bars, the large content box, banner size). I like the banner too. What I don’t like is the colour scheme and the font choices, particularly for the navigation bar. It lacks the creative punch that should be in a layout for a site entitled “Creative Works”. It just shows how uncreative I am.

I think part of the “issue” behind the colour scheme is the larger variety of colours available to me. The banner has, most certainly, a rainbow of colours. The majourity of the colours are light blues, black, neon green, hot pink, and black. I probably should find a way to work in all of those colours. However, the way I use them is extremely important as, if I use them wrong, my layout will look tackier than it does now.

The other issue is the font used in the navigation bar and the dividers in the navigation bar. They are just boring. So, so, so boring. I can’t think of any other word to describe it than boring. Okay, so it kind of goes along with the font on the banner, which I chose to stay consistent with my other site layouts. However, for the navigation bar, I think I can afford to use something different, right? Something a bit more graceful too…

I kind of wonder if I should try putting a background image on this site. If I did put a background image, what would it be of? Would it stay static or would it seamlessly repeat? There’s a lot for me to think about!

Good thing about this website though is if I need to learn anything for it, it’s going to be a heck of a lot shorter than learning a WordPress layout. I think.

Upcoming Content

Let’s get off the topic of layout colours for right now and talk about the content that should be presented on the website and the additions I plan on doing later.

There will be the following sections and they are about:

About – anything about the “Creative Works” portion of my website: why it’s there, who wrote it (ME!), and other important details (such as if you can use my works or not)

Featured – extended details about something of mine I am featuring. This could be a piece of artwork, a story, or anything else that is related to the creative works I do. There will be a “Featured” section on the home page that will link to this page.

Subsites – all the sites dedicated to specific creative works of mine. For instance, the subsite for Kelly’s Journey will be linked under here.

Extras – everything else that doesn’t belong anywhere. Probably wallpapers you can find on my other websites.

Artwork – links to my artwork subsite, which has been up for quite some time.

Comics – an archive of any comics I do (non-commission; non-request). They will be divided between “Fan Comics” and “Original Comics”. I think for right now, they will just be available for download and won’t be viewable individually online unless it’s a single image.

I hope to make the comics 100% viewable online though in the future at some point.

Written Works – an archive of things I have written. I think immediately, it will be 100% fan works, but once I begin to put out original works, those will go there too. Similar to the comics, they will be download-only, but in a variety of formats. If any of the written works have a subsite, I will redirect people there to download the works.

When I have works for purchase, the purchase links will be provided as well.

Blog – links to this blog, uh-duh. Maybe I’ll link specifically to the “Creative Works” category, but I’m not sure.

YouTube – links to my YouTube channel.

[Future] Wiki – a link to my online encyclopedia of my works. I had one at some point, but it seems to have gone away.

[Future] Store – this might actually end up just as a regular ol’ link on my main page than my creative works, but I plan on having a shop at some point that sells a variety of awesome things, including (but not limited to) art prints, e-books, keychains, and more. This won’t be for a while though, so don’t get too excited.


This is going to require a little work on my part, but I’ll totally get it. To be honest, I think most of the work is going to be getting all the content on the website than anything else. The layout is only a piece of it.

Anyway, I hope everyone is looking forward to it! I know I am! Kind of.

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