Month: October 2014

[RAMBLES] Burn Out

Creativity is a lot like a burning candle. The flame is the passion and the wax is motivation. As time passes, the flame and the wax both become smaller. When the wick of the candle and all the wax is melted, the flame disappears. There won’t be anymore candlelight until the next candle is lit.

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[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Site After Site, After Site

So, I attempted to work on my Creative Works website today, but I didn’t really feel like it for whatever reason. I think it’s the amount of content I have to do for it, but I could be wrong. There was also a bit of an issue with the editable area of my template, so

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[WEBSITE | UPDATES] Creative Works Page Started

It’s just as the title says: I have started my Creative Works page. Specifically, I started the template for it. It’s the basis of all the pages that are linked with this particular site and keeps them consistent, as well as prevents me from copying-and-pasting all the coding before hand. Templates are AWESOME! I’m not

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[BLOG & WEBSITE | UPDATES] Retreated, but Not Defeated

When I first set out to work on my blog, I was extremely insistent on actually making the blog myself. Originally, I was going to do my blog last, but I decided to follow a different feeling and decided to work on the blog second. I thought it was a great idea at the time,

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