[ARTWORK] 2013 – Kelly Listening to Music

I recently bought a new computer. Specifically, I bought a 27 inch iMac with 16 GB of memory (which I can configure up to 32 GB if I feel that is necessary) with a 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. In short, it runs faster (for now) than my old 2009 iMac which had 8 GB of memory and a slower processor. I think this is my first computer with 16 GB of memory, so I’m pretty excited about that. What I’m not excited/haven’t been excited about is all the moving that I have to do: taking all my files and moving them to the new computer.

Okay, technically I could just transfer everything over from Time Machine, but since this is a brand new computer, I wanted to take advantage of the clean slate. I made sure to install all the programs I know I needed or I would use (with the lone exception to Final Cut Studio 6 because OS 10.9 won’t let me install it, booooooo). I decided to do the insane task of ripping all 100+ CDs I own onto my computer before bringing back over my music to truly make sure ALL my music was on my computer this time (unlike before where I managed to lose a bunch of music tracks).

Since this is a new computer, I felt it was also time to make a new wallpaper. I have become so SICK of my old wallpapers. I mean, they’re nice and all, but I’ve seen them enough. I’ve had them all up for over a year at this point, if I remember correctly. It’s definitely time for me to have a new one.

The first visual I thought of for a wallpaper was of Kelly listening to her music. However, unlike some of the more generic-y images I’ve done in the past with her simply with her headphones on, I wanted her with her eyes closed, her hands near her headphones, but not touching them nor cupped, but more like she was pointing at them, with music notes going around her head. This was primarily inspired by my recently revived interest in music.

I knew in addition to her headphones, eyes closed, and loose pointing look, I wanted her Sinnoh hairstyle (which involves her two front locks being tied back into her ponytail to make a pair of fins) and an original outfit. I think to an extent I associate her Sinnoh hairstyle with her listening to music due to another picture I’ve done in the past. Okay, that and I still absolutely adore the hairstyle. It’s easily my favourite one out of all the one’s she’s had so far, ignoring that only one other person besides myself draws it correctly and everybody else is just like “how do I do this”.

I began drawing it while catching up on Parks & Rec, if I remember correct. It was going surprisingly well until I got to the arms. That’s when it became glaringly apparent that if I was going to make this picture look awesome, I needed a reference for her hands and her arms. I tried to simply reference myself in the mirror, but that was too difficult unless I was going to draw right in front of my mirror and switch back & forth between the mirror and paper every two seconds. Which I obviously wasn’t going to do. That’s when I opened up Photo Booth on my iPad and tried to take a picture…and immensely failed at that because the angle was all totally wrong. Then I booted up my computer and took the picture on there and, BAM, perfect reference picture!


Okay, it’s not a perfect picture of me, with my greasy, unwashed, hair product filled hair, and in my pajamas in my messy room. Regardless, this is what I used as the reference for Kelly’s arms & hands placement.

Once I caught up on my shows and watched an episode of Clarissa Explains It All, I got to work on completing the image. It was difficult, but I managed to complete it! Surprisingly enough, I think the hardest part for me (besides from trying to set up my piece of smeg printer/scanner that I hate with a passion – still waiting for it to throw itself on me when I’m sleeping) was Kelly’s face. I hated how it looked. I still don’t 100% like how it looks now either. However, the hands came out will for my current skill level, the arms look like an improvement over what I usually do, and I think the overall image looks rather great considering I’m still frustrated by drawing.

After I scanned the image and did my usual Photoshop adjustments to remove the pencil lines, I opened it up in Clip Studio Paint to test my theory – that the program was going to run faster.


I’ll admit, it took me a few tries to get back into the swing of doing line art. The way the tablet seemed to work was a lot smoother than I remembered, even after playing around with the stabilization settings. Eventually though, I completed the line art without all the minor lag I used to get. I did some minor adjustments (like switching how the button closed) and moved onto the base colouring.

Base colouring went by very quickly, despite that I had to decide on the colours for Kelly’s original outfit. After that was done, I went onto shading. Which is where I started to realize I needed to do some adjustments to the line art again. I had to fix Kelly’s headphones in particular, since they looked too strange (actually, they STILL look too strange, but that’s okay – they look better than before). I had to move the headband piece over to be more centered on the headphones, since they looked further back than they should have been. I also added an extra piece of hair to her bangs and fixed the back of her head. I also added in the headphone cord.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 7.59.27

I think the headphone cord design is actually off from what I usually draw with those headphones, but oh well. We can pretend they’re a newer version or something.

Once that was completed, I moved onto making the AWESOME MUSICAL NOTES BAR WITH THE MUSIC NOTES that I was originally going to make as “Kelly’s Theme” but sort of gave up on that. I made the bars in Clip Studio Paint, used the music note stencils in Photoshop, as well as the Motion Blur filter, tilted the entire music staff, and erased all the parts I didn’t need any longer. I reopened it back into CSP and went onto my next task: replicating this awesome texture I did in an old OnlyinaDreamshipping picture.

One of my absolute favourite OnlyinaDreamshipping images I have ever drawn is one I call “Kingdom Kiss”. The image would probably be an almost generic kissing picture for me, with the lone exception to the glow on the characters. The glowing effect was made by making an oil paint texture in Corel Painter 11 that followed the generic outline of the characters, making a duplicate of the layer and setting one to Soft Light (opacity: 100%) and Linear Light (opacity: 57%).

I thought the effect would look gorgeous on this image. Unfortunately, I no longer have Corel Painter 11, so I couldn’t use that to make the effect again. I tried a few times before to try and recreate it in CSP, but I failed. This time I decided to use CSP’s user upload section to download some oil pastels. Luckily for me, these seemed to work well for the effect I was going for! Until I realized I didn’t fill enough space in with black and the entire background was washed out…

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 6.16.57


I went back and just made the wallpaper, which included the oil pastel texture. Actually, I made wallpapers because I couldn’t decide on which one. And thought the music notes looked stupid whirling around Kelly’s head.

When I made the solo image of Kelly, I decided just to make music notes off to the side of her head instead, which I think looks cute.

fw_kj_kltmWhile this isn’t one of my absolute favourite images, I still think it’s a nice one, despite that I have some majour gripes with Kelly’s face and my idea wasn’t executed 100% perfectly (I meant to show Kelly from a slightly lower angle, rather than straight in the front like the final image).

As a bonus, here’s the wallpapers. Feel free to use them on your desktop (or tablet or phone):

kellyheadphones_wall copykellyheadphones_wall_closeupkellyheadphones_wall_closeup2

I suppose for those who are curious about the outfit design choice, I thought about a modern rendition of a redingote. I thought using my interest in historical fashion would be useful in coming up with an original outfit for her and felt something with a masculine edge was appropriate for her. I always feel like something with a masculine edge is appropriate for her. Her pants are made of a knit material and are tucked into knee-high boots. I think the boots might be black, but I could be wrong.

I’m pretty sure Kelly’s in her 20s here, so she’s like…at least 2 or 3 regions ahead of Kalos or else she’s in Jento. Or maybe she’s in none of those and instead in some in between space where Pokémon don’t exist.

I don’t know.

She’s probably in her 20s though, as I said. She looks too old to be younger than that.

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