[RAMBLES] Boring Blog Entries, Artwork, & Sewing Still On the Mind

I feel like my blog is kind of boring right now. Even if I feel like there’s something to say and I say it, even if I write the most entertaining thing in the world, there still feels like there’s something missing. I’m pretty sure that something is pictures. Images.

I guess it’s alright for now that my blog doesn’t really excel in the visual department, since the blog isn’t even accessible from the main page of my website yet and those who are even visiting here were most likely linked to it by me in some way. However, I hope that in the future I can spice it up with visuals.

I know I tend to ignore blog entries that lack images. I ignore them or just simply skim them if they lack images. Even an image at the top of the entry is more encouraging to me to read it than not having an image of all. Though I feel this way, I still generally lack images on my own blog.

Sometimes this is because I don’t really have an image associated with what I’m talking about – there wasn’t anything I could take a picture of and I generally try to stay away from using images taken from the Internet, even if they’re public domain. Other times I could have taken a picture, but I’m honestly too lazy to pull out my camera (usually because it would add time to whatever I’m doing to take pictures during the process).

I hope in the future all my blog entries can have at least one picture to go along with it. They will probably be ones I draw/doodle. Don’t expect colour from most of them – my aim would simply be to get my point across and to be quick to get up. Spending three to five hours (possibly more depending on the details) colouring to just demonstrate a simple point or to make somebody laugh just isn’t worth it to me.

At least with drawing too, I can plan that out as I write the blog entry and draw accordingly afterward. With taking pictures, I need to take a bunch of them, then decide which ones will or won’t be shown on the blog.

I hope after my current batch of artwork is completed, I can return to doing it casually and not be sick of it enough to actually doodle images. I’m actually so sick of doing artwork at this point that I can’t even doodle. That includes stars. No doodling for me, no drawing for me right now. Just the [line] art I need to [line and] colour.

I actually did some more artwork today, after my PS3 failed to let me use it today. My PS3 was pretty much telling me to go do artwork. I went through my commission images and did the eraser step in preparation for my painted dreams shading style (the step involves me erasing parts of the flat colour to give it a gradient effect of some sort) to the remaining three commission examples that aren’t backgrounds, then I switched to doing line art on images in my second back catalog (significantly shorter than the first, but still long), and listened to the little voice in my head that told me to stop and just colour the ones I have done so far.

I’ve been considering cutting down my “assembly line” process to only 5 pictures, instead of an unlimited number. Like draw five pictures, line five pictures, colour five pictures, then move onto the next set. It would take off a lot of stress and be a lot easier on me (plus, I’ll get a lot more images done – instead of getting 5 pictures done in 5 days, I’ll more likely get 5 images done in 3 days from the assembly line…potentially higher quality too because I won’t be so worn out).

So, that’s sort of what I’m doing with the images I have already lined. I’m going to apply base colour to them all (most of them are done right now), then shade them, and add backgrounds & effects where applicable. I’ll be doing these, hopefully, in between my website images.

I suppose I cut down the website images I need to do too since I scrapped the entire Kelly’s Journey website for now and will be reviving it in 2014 (if all goes well). Which is good. Less artwork for me to do! Yaaaaaaaay. (I’m excited to get to coding – my artwork subsite looks SO good and working on that for a week was so rewarding.)

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I wanted to sew today. I sewed, but I didn’t sew anything serious today, and got highly discouraged. I still wanted to sew though and I spent a couple hours here on the Internet hunting down sewing projects. I started at Pinterest, then moved onto a blog called “Sew Can She”, which provided links to many different tutorials and techniques, which was awesome. I pinned a ton of projects for future consideration and eventually, my desire to sew has calmed down.

Does that happen to anybody else? When you want to do something really badly, but currently can’t for whatever reason, you just go and spend time looking up stuff on it to the point it mellows out that desire? It happens to me quite a bit! If I want to sew and draw historical clothing, but currently can’t (especially sew historical clothing), I just need to spend a ton of time just looking at it. If I want to draw again, but currently can’t out of consideration that I have too many other pictures to do, I just need to go glance at my current works in progress and my desire dies down. If you haven’t tried doing that before (the filling your time up with just looking up and reading up on what you currently can’t do, but want to do), I suggest trying it.

Going back to the sewing thing, I would like to get back to it at some point. I really, really want that “some point” to be next year. Ideally, I would like to start with simple, beginner-friendly projects like drawstring bags and pillows, working my way up to more advanced projects just to reacquaint myself with sewing techniques. There’s some I’ve done many times, while there’s others I was only briefly introduced to during my sewing classes that I haven’t had a chance to do again. I also want there to be projects I can just sit down and do in a few hours or less. Sewing clothes can take HOURS depending on all the pieces, as well as require planning, fitting, etc.

Yes, I do want to sew clothes again. I do want to take the time do that. Just…just not right away. Eventually, yes, because there’s something about sewing clothes and getting to wear them that feels kind of cool (I’ll admit, I always get disappointed in certain aspects of the clothes I make, even if I’m happy with how the overall design came out – I think my sewing skills for clothing/costumes actually excel when I sew for others, which I find interesting, since it’s generally the opposite!).

There’s so many great tutorials on the Internet on how to make different bags and pillows and whatnot. If I decide that sewing should be part of my plan next year, I hope that I am able to pick out projects that reflect my current desire of quick completions, as well as to refresh my skills (and learn new ones). I’m sure even if I don’t want to use all the items I make, SOMEBODY will want them – they probably will be awesome gifts to my friends and family. I’m not quite sure how the picking out process will go quite yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon or when the time comes.

I’m guessing that the picking-out process would go by what I view as a difficulty level. For instance, sewing pattern weights and a drawstring pouch would be among my first candidates because I view them as easy. They utilize basic sewing skills, ones that I am already familiar with, and both appear to be relatively quick projects (ones that if I do them enough, I’ll be done within an hour). Projects like fabric bins or half-circle zip pouches might come next for they utilize sewing skills I already know, but are of more complicated designs. The former two projects probably would eventually take me only an hour, while these ones might take me one or two if I made them enough. Half-circle zip pouches would also refresh my memory on how to sew in zippers. A project like a scrappy pin cushion might come after those to remember how to work a rotary cutter, since I have only done it once or twice before in school. I’m sure you get my point.

I would ideally work my way up to sewing full projects again, like I used to for anime conventions. And by anime conventions, I mean Connecticon. Yeah. Of course, I wouldn’t be sewing costumes this time around, but clothing for me to wear because I want to. I know these will take a lot of time, so I probably would have to make sure I have some side sewing projects for slightly more instant gratification or something. Kind of like how I’m doing a batch of artwork more for myself alongside my website artwork. It’s the same thing, but one gives a different feeling than the other for me. I probably would try to divide up the days for larger projects, like work on preparing patterns (including cutting, draping, etc.) one day, cutting out and pinning the fabric next, etc.

Of course, all this depends if I really want to dedicate myself to it next year. I have so many other things I want to do, I doubt I could do that right now unless I make it a majour, overarching goal. My current choices for goals next year include Japanese, Kelly’s Journey, novel/short story writing, music learning, and improving artwork, in addition to sewing and some smaller, minor goals. There’s a lot of choices and I really need to sit down and think. If I end up feeling rather confidently that I will be able to manage my time to work on multiple projects, I will try, but for now, I doubt I could do all of that. I’ll let you guys know either at the end of this year or early next year what I’m going to do.

I’m just going to sit here and hope that I end up sewing again very soon, no half baked projects. I hope to learn more embroidery and learn some other things like knitting. It’d be awesome. I think. Maybe.

Good luck to me, I suppose.

Oh, that reminds me. Before I get back to sewing, I would like to make one of my pre-sewing projects to be adapting my dress form to fit my body type. My dress form currently doesn’t do that, so it would be nice to modify it to do so. Dress forms are stupidly helpful when working on clothing, especially when you’re sewing by yourself. It was one of the best things my parents ever bought me, in addition to my Disney sewing machine that I’m hoping to retire one day for a newer machine (that I will have all the instructions for and know where all the sewing foots are, because I currently have no idea where a lot of them are…like where’s the zipper foot? Does my machine even come with a ruffle foot? How about the buttonhole foot?).

Okay, I suppose sewing is still on my mind. I probably should sit down and continue to read Couture Sewing Techniques until I get bored. Or I should browse for my projects and just have about a billion more bags, wallets, and pillows added to my pin board. Ha ha ha.

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