[THOUGHTS] Site Adjustments & Brainstorming Goals

The year is almost over – we’re currently in November and next month, December, will end 2013. At the end of each year, I like to review what goals I had set out to do that year and what I have accomplished, as well as talk about my goals for the coming year. I was hit with a reminder today that I haven’t actually figured out what I wanted to do next year, most likely due to the fact this year’s (and last year’s, technically) goals haven’t been completed yet and they will be spilling over into 2014. This is evident by my site not even being halfway done and that I haven’t been able to work on Japanese all that much (this is entirely my fault though – I don’t want to dedicate the time to it currently).

That being said, I have decided to do some adjustments of my site release schedule, partially do to thinking of all my possible goals next year. I think I might have mentioned in a previous entry that I was planning on rolling out my commissions website and artwork subsite first, then the main pages of my website, then the Kelly’s Journey subsite, then probably my blog since I actually have to sit down and learn how to code a WordPress layout.

I have decided to change it a bit:
– roll out my commissions website & artwork subsite first (same as before)
– roll out main pages next (same as before)
– code my blog’s layout
– The new Kelly’s Journey subsite (as well as subsites to that subsite, harharhar) will come back in 2014, hopefully

Kelly’s Journey is up for a potential goal focus next year. I have some pretty big plans for the series that requires me to sit down and write. I would like the site to come back up once the first two primary goals with the focus are completed. Only time will tell though if I actually put Kelly’s Journey as a priority or shove it to the back burner again in favour of another goal. I hope not though!

It’s kind of funny that I originally wanted to put out my website all at once, but I eventually realized my priorities – I want extra money and see commissions as a way to do that (plus, I feel like I could actually spend the commission money on leisurely things, rather than my actual paycheck), so I decided to just slowly roll out everything. I wanted to do the Kelly’s Journey website before the blog simply because it’s easier, but between myself disliking most of the layout artwork (not my best work) and having a ton of plans for Kelly’s Journey hopefully in the coming year…I feel like it’s best to wait.

When it gets to be December (or January), I’ll talk more about my potential goals once again. There’s a lot of them! I need to figure out what my overarching goals will be. Other than Japanese and actually completing my website once and for all (okay, not once and for all – just until I feel like changing it again).

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