[RAMBLES] Another Debate on What to Do

I decided to take a break from my computer, since all the things I have to do and want to do are on it – my website, my artwork, writing. I think the only thing not on here is Japanese…though, that’s kind of a lie. I have an answer key to one of my textbooks on here. Not to mention, it’s where my Anki flashcards are. Okay, yeah, some of them are on my phone, but it’s easier on my computer.

Anyway, I knew when I came back, I would have to actually ~work~ on things. I’m already upset my website hasn’t been finished yet and that I’m now having a slowly building back catalog of images again. I also want to get back to writing – I have Kelly’s Journey I really want to work on and a few short stories. While I can curve some of the writing desires by jotting down some notes in a notebook, I sort of need to really work on the artwork.

(Geez, left hand, stop shaking. Thanks.)

I am feeling the need to divide the work. Okay, I don’t really “feel the need,” but rather would like to divide the work. I need a cap too.

My original plan was to alternate days between colouring my website images (THERE’S STILL 45 DANG IMAGES) and working on the new back catalog. On days off from work (and I’m talking about Walmart, not the website working), I would add writing into it. Probably 30 minutes to an hour for Kelly’s Journey, perhaps more for short stories. Of course, this makes me feel sick – I don’t think I could handle all of that.

I mean, I could be wrong. While they’re four different projects (website/artwork/Kelly’s Journey/original stories), I would only be working on two at a time, which is my limit. I suppose I would be fine if I thought of it as “working on only two” for that particular day. Actually, some days, I would be only working on one!


I really want my website images done though. Aaaaaah. But that back catalog—! It’s going to be the thing to keep my deviantART somewhat active while I try and finish my website images and work on other projects.

I do think dividing up the work is acceptable. The every-other-day sort of thing, then on days off from work, I can focus on writing and either relax or work on more artwork. (I’m more productive anyway on days I have work than days I have off.) If I started today, that would be great. Maybe I will. On the other hand, it feels overwhelming and maybe I shouldn’t.

Geez, I want to cry.

I’m just so sick on working on the website artwork and I don’t like that there’s a lot sitting in a folder, waiting to be coloured. I have no more artwork to post on deviantART for right now, besides from that Wind Waker playthrough comic that I haven’t decided what to do with yet (I hope to continue it, but I need to figure out how I’m changing it).

…I just remembered I have more artwork to post on Anipan and Pixiv. Meh. I’m too lazy to do that right now. Plus, that’s going to take a lot of time.

I feel like I could either focus just on my website and writing or just on my website and my extra artwork, but not my website, my extra artwork, and the writing. Perhaps I could hold back on the writing, just make notes in my notebook or in word documents and only write when it feels like I could manage to do it.

aaaaaah, I don’t know.

Sad face.

Wow. I was hoping writing a blog entry would help me decide what to do, like it has done in the past. I guess not.

Oh, yeah, the cap thing.

So, in addition to actually colouring the images I have, I want to draw more too (what am I even doing?). Not really too many more. There’s a few “colouring book” pages I want to draw and post on deviantART (and by a “few”, I mean 3) and a few random images. I currently have an abundance of chibis sitting in my sketch folder to do, so I want to cut those down. Otherwise, I’ll be posting a bunch and not enough regular artwork. I’m sure people will love the chibis and all, but I want some regular artwork too! Not to mention, Pokémon X & Y are coming out and I want to post Kalos region Kelly up!

My suggested cap is 30 images (when the total sketches equals 30 – I need 8 more since my current total is 22) for regular images. I have some hentai ones I want to do as well, so that cap will be 15 (3 more~).

I guess I’ll get those drawings out of the way first, then proceed to work on something else.

Actually, I think for today, at least, it will be:

– Drawings
– Website artwork

– whatever the heck I feel like

I hope I’m right.

I think for the website artwork too, I’ll be trying to focus on getting all the no-background images shaded first. They would be, theoretically, the quickest ones to knock off. If I really wanted to work on other website aspects (which I decided not to after starting to work on the commission site layout), I could start by putting those in. It would also lower my count pretty quickly – if I counted correctly, 24 images have no backgrounds, taking down a bit more than half the images. I guess the cell shading ones could get done first too.

So, for the drawings, I should just make a list of the remaining 8 images I would like to do (or, really, 7…or 6, if I finish that other image…) and just do them. Same with the remaining 3 hentai images if I decide to do them (though, I don’t really feel like it right now).

For the colouring, I should focus on the images that are to be cell shaded and have no background. Cell shaded ones are somewhat fast for me, so I can expect to knock out 5 to 10 images. Ha, that would be nice.

Let me see what I can do.

And Skype, please oh please oh please do not let me lose motivation.

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