[MY DAY] To Dad’s to Salem

I finally had a Saturday off, so I decided to go up to my dad’s. I hadn’t seen him in a while nor had I gone up to his house since probably sometime last year. Part of the reason is that I hate the drive to his house. Anyway, my original plan was to go up and make food because he’s probably the only one who would be fine with something that contains vegetables and tomatoes in it, unlike my mom and my younger sister who are a lot pickier with their food.

Of course, I didn’t get to do that today.

I woke up shortly after 11 AM, kind of sad that I hadn’t woken up earlier. It’s my fault though. I didn’t check the time before I went to sleep and tell myself when I wanted to wake up nor did I set my alarm clock. (I didn’t even know what time I wanted to get up at…) Then it took my dad about half an hour to text me back. I called him right before I left and went to go get gas around 12:45 PM, and finally ended up on my way.

It’s about a two hour drive to my dad’s house from where I live. The drive can be annoying and anxiety conjuring at times, but for the most part, it’s not really that bad.

As I was driving, about a half hour into my driving, I suddenly realized I forgot the EZ pass my mom was letting me borrow on the counter. I got angry – I wanted to go see my dad, but I forgot the EZ pass. I called up my dad as I got off an exit and told him I wasn’t coming – I forgot the EZ pass. He asked me if I had money on me, which I said I did. I had found $23 in my center console when I had taken out the GPS charger, so I had more than enough, but I didn’t really want to spend it. He told me to call him if I changed my mind. After I got off the exit (which was to this beautiful waterfront area with lots of trees, but annoyingly narrow streets), I reset my GPS to home…and accidentally took a wrong turn, which took me several minutes to drive my way back. During that time, I thought about what I wanted to do – did I really want to go home? Do I really want to miss my chance to go visit dad, since I didn’t know when my next Saturday (or Sunday) off would be? Did I want to miss a chance to go to Salem, MA once again?

No, I didn’t want to go home. No, I didn’t want to miss my chance to go visit my dad. No, I didn’t want to miss a chance to go to Salem again.

And it’s not like I didn’t have actual cash on me.

I had more than enough money in my center console. Money I didn’t even know I had!

When I finally got back to the highway, I fixed my GPS again for my dad’s, called him, and told him I was still coming.

I came to the toll booths shortly after and boy, was I glad I wasn’t in the EZ pass lane! It was heavily backed up. Did that many people have EZ pass that it was going much slower than the cash lane?


I found out the more possible reason for the back up though after I crossed the toll: the lane to the exit most people were trying to get into was in front of the EZ pass one. It was terribly backed up. I’m pretty sure I almost hit a few people (or vice versa) trying to get over. Geez, that was terrible.

To be honest though, the traffic wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I was expecting it to move a lot slower than it did. The traffic was heavy, but it also dispersed after several minutes. It’s not really enough to complain about the traffic.

I did end up at my dad’s about 40 minutes after my original estimated arrival time (kind of funny watching my GPS go from arriving at 2:50 to 3:10 to 3:11 and gradually go up from there until it was past 3:30). To pass the time, I switched my audio from my music to an audiobook (specifically the Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers audiobook, because, to be honest, there’s no way I’m going to sit down and listen to an audiobook – I don’t have the attention span for that – so I thought driving would be appropriate…and oh my gosh, I just realized that the title has “drivers” in it…hahahaha).

Seeing my dad for about an hour and a half was nice. He primarily interviewed me about work and told me a few brief stories of various things before we somehow got talking about the PS3. I think it spurred off me wanting to buy expensive electronics and him being curious about Netflix V.S. Hulu V.S. Amazon Instant Video. He thought he never used the PS3 before, but I thought he probably did, but not often (Call of Duty WAS in there, after all). I ended up logging in on my PSN account for him and installed Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon onto it. He then switched to his Blu-ray player to get Amazon on it…but it turns out his BD player didn’t have Amazon as an app option. So he might just be using the PS3.

Shortly before I left, he gave me one of his extra EZ passes for the toll booth. So now I have my own! Yay! After that, I headed to Salem.

I was hoping to meet up with some friends on the way back, but it was too late by the time I returned.

Anyway, I went to Salem primarily to go get the Clean House kit from HEX. I bought one about a year ago and used it somewhat recently. I was surprised with the results (in short, my room’s air felt less tense than it had been) and wanted a few more to clean the air in a few rooms. I also got a few extra candles for it (so I can do it even without the kit) AND some self igniting charcoal (WHICH IS LIKE THE COOLEST THING EVER). After that, I went around to the other shops. I was hoping to come across another citrine crystal keychain, but I didn’t. (Mine broke.) I was also hoping to come across a good size chunk of rose quartz, which I did…only to find it too expensive.

I did end up going to New England Magic this time around, which I had skipped the first time. It’s this nice witch shop with two sides, a great selection of books, a wonderful choice in paint colour (purple! purple! purple!), and a wide variety of items. The owners of the shop were very nice. After I left the store, the woman who owned the shop commented my eyes (and thanked me for shopping there – like a genuine thank you, not a standard “thank you for shopping with us”) and we talked for a bit, exchanging names. I suck at remembering names though, so I can’t remember her name though. She asked me to come and visit (which I’ll just take us “please come and shop again”, ’cause oh, I will). She also recommended a bunch of places to me. I tried to find them, but failed…not to mention, it was late and a lot of places were closed. I need to go to Salem much earlier in the day, dang it! Last time I was late too.

As I was walking around some old lady just said hi to me and I said hi back, then she said “can I ask you something” and I just outright ignored her. I didn’t know what she wanted to ask and I didn’t want to risk anything. I’m willing to be nice enough to say “hi” when I make eye contact with people, but not nice enough to answer questions.

I left after that since most of the shops were closed (it was about 7:30 PM then). I returned home, listening to the Red Dwarf audiobook all the way home.

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