[RAMBLES] Guess I Needed a Rant & a Break

Yesterday, the only piece of artwork I did was one technically unrelated to the website. I had started it shortly after applying base colour and hated leaving it unfinished. I had wanted to complete it in a day, so in a day I was going to complete it. I finished it after I did the rant from yesterday. Once that was done, I did no more artwork, minus some doodles. Instead, I made a blueprint for my friend for a commission I ordered from him and read episode 3 of Kelly’s Journey.

Yeah, I read my own fanfiction. And reading such an early episode (from probably 2006 to 2008) is making me want to rewrite it.

Anyway, after I went to sleep and woke up, I suddenly felt refreshed, recharged. Like, hey, I can actually do artwork today! I can apply base colour! So I did.

I decided the most important images to knock out were the actual website layout images. Without those, I can’t even somewhat start on my website. As long as those are completed, the website can be on its way to being fully finished.

I first knocked out the rest of the Kelly’s Journey site images, since they don’t require a trillion layers like the rest of the images do. It went by a bit faster than I expected and I keep wondering if I missed some.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 24.52.21 AM

Then I started on the rest of the site images. Honestly, I only did two of those today so far. That’s fine though since I knocked out a total of 8 images. 18 out of 52 images have base colour applied.

That’s disappointingly less than what I want completed. However, I did knock out eight today, so I suppose I’m not doing TOO bad. I also knocked out 10 on August 1st, even when I was frustrated and felt really slow.

I guess [about] a one day break and a rant about being frustrated was really all I needed to let me get back to work.

Hopefully I can keep between 3 to 5 images a day, if not more.

Focusing on the now and near-now, I will just keep on doing the images as I am doing, taking a day or two break in between.

After the base colour is done, I’ll see what I want to do. I have a few options:

1.) I can take a long break before starting the shading.

2.) I can take a short break (3 to 4 days) before starting the shading.

3.) I can take a day break and start the shading after completing the base colour.

4.) I can start shading if I feel like it while working on the base colour.

I guess only time will tell.

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