[THOUGHTS] The End of Days For My Computer?

I’m starting to get really worried about my computer. I’ve had it since July 2009 and it has been 4 years. Each year, my computer has grown gradually worse in performance. Perhaps some of this is psychological, where I desire a faster computer than what my computer currently is, while others are definitely because of other, real problems. The most recent issue has been Skype. The most recent update has made my computer crash on several occasions. The most it has ever crashed. I attempted to fix it by installing the most recent operating system for my computer…

…which made things slightly worse.

Things freeze more often. They take longer to load.

I’m beginning to think it’s the end of days for my computer.

I’m sure some of my Mac-hating friends will want to blame it on it being a Mac. The thing is though, it’s not the Mac. My computers – regardless if they’re built by Apple, Gateway, HP, Dell, etc. – only last between 2 to 4 years. Four years at the most (Apple, Gateway), 2 at the least (HP, Dell). It entirely has to do with my usage, frequency, what’s installed on it, etc.

I’m honestly surprised my computer hasn’t crashed more often – it crashed once shortly after I got it and hadn’t crashed until about a month ago. That’s pretty impressive to me, especially since on my previous computers, they would crash frequently, freeze on me to the point I would have to force shut them down, and numerous mishaps that made me not a fan of HP or Dell. (Gateway is pretty much the only Windows-run desktop computer maker I’ve had success with.)

I abuse my computers. Constantly installing new items, frequently using them for hours upon hours everyday, not doing much maintenance work. I’m sure my computer needs a good cleaning of its gears and of what’s on it. It might help it a bit.

I was originally debating whether I get a Mac Pro or build a Hackintosh (i.e. run the Mac OS on a non-Apple computer). However, I feel that just buying a Mac is the better option, despite being more expensive. Ignoring my issue with the lack of disc drives.

However…do I go with the iMac or the Mac Pro? The Mac Pro won’t be out until later this year at the earliest. The iMac is out now, but do I want to get it with everything I desire or hold off on it? Or should I wait for the Mac Pro, which will most certainly provide me with much more power than the iMac would give me.

The Mac Pro isn’t out yet though. Apple currently only has previews on their website.

I guess only time will tell.

I’m going to keep hoping my computer will last me long enough to make a decision and act upon it.

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