[ARTWORK] Clyde & Spark – Glaring

Spark Alamental and Clyde do not get along. Spark is hyper and cheerful and Clyde is more on the low key side and seems to almost always be grumpy. Their personalities clash a bit. Clyde is pretty vocal about his dislike for Spark, for when she’s start being hyper and loud, he won’t hesitate to comment on her, which usually starts a little fight that someone has to come in and stop.

Usually their fights start with little, kind of more serious stuff (like Spark being loud and disturbing most people and Clyde being rude and not knowing how to keep his opinions to himself if they’re hurtful), but then quickly drops down into a stupid bickering fight (at some point having a side ponytail comes up, which the other points out that they both have side ponytails).


This is one of those times that there’s a potential for a fight to start. I’m sure Clyde commented something, Spark went up to him, and glared. I hope someone comes along and breaks the two of them up before things start erupting!

I’m sure if people knew their stories more, these two would have shippers. Probably more than Vainstrel/Spark. Okay, maybe not. All the canon-lovers would be like “VAINSTREL AND SPARK!!!! RESPECT THE AUTHOR!!!!”. Well, I’m telling you guys here and now, support whatever the heck you want. I personally don’t even support Vainstrel and Spark (I know, my own characters and I don’t support them together! What is this madness). Granted, I don’t support Clyde/Spark either…I’m Clyde/Adalynn. I’m on that ship.

Okay, I’ll stop with the fantasy shipping wars that don’t exist.

Anyway, the sketch is easily one of my favourites. I was really excited to colour it. Of course, I did the line art in Corel Painter 11 and when I tried to fix it in Clip Studio Paint, I messed it up.


So it’s less pretty and less awesome. I actually really hate the line art on Clyde’s hair. It looks TERRIBLE. I would blame it on the sketch…but the sketch doesn’t look that bad.

I’m kind of sad I screwed up this image, but oh well. Maybe in the future when I actually draw backgrounds and my anatomy is better, I can attempt it again. Maybe.

I still do kind of like this image, though, not as much as I originally did with the sketch. Clyde and Spark always entertain me.

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