Month: July 2013

[ARTWORK] Pandora’s Ability

I remember when I first created Pandora, I had an issue deciding if her name was going to be Priscilla or Pandora. After pondering it for a while and deciding that the character was going to have a personality where she was curious about everything, I thought Pandora fit better than Priscilla. Priscilla felt like

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[ARTWORK] The Death Fairy’s Flowers

A while back, maybe in 2007 or 2008, I created a character named the Death Fairy. She is the representation of Death in my stories, much like the Grim Reaper. She’s kind, haunting, and has empathy at the same time as lacking mercy. I only drew her once though and never really developed her more.

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[RAMBLES] A Package of “Rewards”

I think I’m allowed to generously reward myself for sucking it up at work, plus still being relatively productive with my own goals. (Okay, sure, I’m currently lagging behind on my goals, but that’s more of a consequence of not taking enough time to relax every 10 days or so.) The first bit of these

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[RAMBLES] Deactivating Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook yesterday. I was feeling a mixture of emotions and I was attempting to suppress them. I was talking to one of my friends yesterday and they gave me a fantastic suggestion, in which I decided to not take. Instead, what I decided to do was deactivate my Facebook. To my friend,

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[ARTWORK] Using Magic

Back in 2011, I had intended to work on my website and get it up and running (ha. ha. ha. ha.). One of the layout images was me using magic.

[ARTWORK] Letting Go

This picture actually has a lot to do with the story Midnight Star is in. It’s more of something that would come a while after the story. I don’t think a scene like this will ever actually happen, since I’m planning something a tiny bit more dramatic that forces her to let go of what

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[ARTWORK] Matching Faye

I like to think at some point in Faye & Erik’s story, Faye gets him an outfit that matches her. And by matching, I really do mean matching. It’s just a different colour. Faye probably loves the idea that her friend/lover/whatever crossdresses and probably sometimes wants to take advantage of it. With how embarrassed Erik

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